HOLLYWOOD—Chloe must have really angered a lot of people when she decided to murder El Fideo, because there are people out for blood on “Days of Our Lives.” I seriously thought this tale was over after that first set of goons were dispatched, but something tells me a familiar face in Salem might be tied to this madness. That name is none other than district attorney, Ted Laurent.

When Ted first alluded to a mystery conversation that Eli eavesdropped on, I had no clue what that was about. However, his interaction with Chloe at the Salem Square caused my antennas to rise to new heights. I don’t know WHO Ted is chatting with, but it is apparent he has some role in this fiasco involving the constant threats on Chloe’s life. Could it be possible that Ted is El Fideo’s brother or a family member? Just putting that nugget out there for others to begin to speculate America!

Ted is already annoying Rafe to the core with his constant interference to his marriage with Hope, just as Eli is starting to realize that Ted cannot be trusted and his Achilles Heel, Kate Roberts knows he is up to no good. Remember Kate busted Ted for blackmailing Will and Sonny, so we already know the guy is no saint. That speaks wonders America. Chloe is an absolute mess, worried sick about losing her life, just as Brady and Stefan fight for her affection. I mean she is getting closer to Stefan, but Brady is berating her to stay by his side.

What is a girl to do? She better think wisely because Stefan acted on his sexual chemistry with Gabi by taking her to bed. These two hate each other; the attraction between them was not enough to prevent them from sleeping together. I mean they have both done evil things, so if you think about it they actually belong together. The question is how will Chloe, Rafe and Brady feel when this news comes to light?

There was a major and I mean major development in Salem this week. A love triangle between Rex, Eric and Sarah was on the verge of being broken. Eric has been working tirelessly to take his mind off of Sarah, but his feelings are too strong. As a result, Sarah finally caught a clue and the two shared a kiss, but wait for it, a face from the dead, came back home. How so? Nicole Walker, who was presumed dead in that building fire, appeared at Eric’s doorstep and was greeted by Rex.

To say Rex was flabbergasted was an understatement, and so was the rest of Salem, particularly Eric and Sarah. We all know Eric is Nicole one true love, so it looks like Sarah and Eric is on halt for the moment being, and with Holly being kidnapped it sent mama Nicole on a warpath and out for Chloe’s blood. I’m assuming the goons who have been after Chloe kidnapped Nicole’s daughter.

We have to chat about another development that I’m hoping is not what I think involving Rafe and Lani. Could the writers be moving towards these two becoming a couple? They are getting close thanks to the two caring for baby David, which Hope is not happy about. That also makes me worry how Eli will respond to this bond as well. Perhaps there should be a policy where you cannot date your co-workers.

Ciara and Ben finally consummated their relationship after he rescued her. Look, this damsel in distress storyline with Ciara is driving me nuts. What the hell, it seems like the girl has been kidnapped more times than I can count. Its tired and old at this point, so make something else happen already. Ben Weston is indeed being redeemed, but I sense a twist could be headed his way, exactly what I’m not certain. Claire is feeling the burden of Haley and Tripp fake marriage, and Eve now knows a major secret that could take Claire out if she spills that Claire started the first cabin fire that nearly killed Ciara.

We know Tripp, Claire, Chloe and Rex are all exiting the canvas in the coming weeks, which leaves me wondering what explosive event or series of events leads up to all these characters exiting the grounds of Salem. I guess things should start to kickoff next week during May sweeps.