LOS FELIZ—On Thursday, August 20, The Los Feliz Branch library announced a new ebook would be added to the Los Angeles Public Library Catalog named “Mika Makes a Change!”

This children’s novel was created by the Los Feliz/Silver Lake Group known as “Teens Leading Change,” who previously had a presence on the library’s social media page with a recently ended weekly tradition of quarantine crafts, a tradition of posting crafts and instructions that viewers could follow along to with simple, short instructions.

The book focuses on environmental issues with its main characters as they observe the effects of big corporations on earth and fight environmental issues in the city. Through constant efforts of the characters to fight via environmental activism, these efforts inspire kids to also become leaders that are willing to fight for change.

Currently, the only parts of the book online are the front cover of the book and the first page, which features a brief introduction for the reader to get to know the first main character: a young raccoon named Mika, who is on her way to reunite with her dear friend and the book’s other protagonist, Leaf.

The post has one final picture, featuring an illustration of Mika and text encouraging readers to “tune in next week for the next installment of ‘Mika Makes a Change!’”