HOLLYWOOD—Television villains are perhaps the most popular characters on shows to viewers. Three of the most legendary and most recent characters include The King of Mississippi from HBO’s “True Blood,” Helena Cassadine from ABC’s “General Hospital” and Sheila Carter from CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Their villainy is legendary to millions of viewers, they are portrayed by some of the most amazingly talented thespians in the industry and fans can’t seem to get enough of them.

Bobby Head, a loyal Canyon News reader, who is an avid television viewer said, “Tommy, of course I love the King of Mississippi, he’s absolutely played so well by Denis O’Hare, we all love Connie as Helena. How can anyone with such an angelic face do so many diabolical deeds? And never turn your back on Sheila. She’s downright frightening just by looking at her.” HBO hit pay dirt last season when they brought on O’Hare to play the demonic megalomaniac King of Mississippi, who caused great turmoil for many in Bon Temps, when he decided to kidnap vampire Bill Compton, then Bill’s muse Sookie Stackhouse was on his list to torment, and ultimately Eric Northman joined the list of characters Russell Edgington decided had to die at his hands.

Perhaps the most chilling of scenes during the third season was when Russell appeared out of nowhere to rip the spine out of a national news anchor in order to threaten the American public about the dangers they face with vampires on the loose. It was a scene that left Truebie Jeff Dean in Melbourne, Australia flabbergasted. “As I watched that scene, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t know much about American awards, Tommy, but that guy deserves one of your Emmys,” said Dean.

Helena Cassadine is missing in action in Port Charles. Fans of “General Hospital” approach Constance Towers, the actress who portrays the mean lady and want to know when will Helena be back in town? Towers laughs, “Tell them to write to the producers and the head writer Bob Guza. They all decide when she returns, but I’m so grateful to viewers for always asking.” Whenever Helena’s in town, you can expect someone to manufacture a disaster. From hospital computers to her own grandson’s well being, they are all in her clutches. Helena didn’t mind throwing her youngest son off her yacht literally, after poisoning him. “Helena’s justification was that her son Stefan was too weak and was in her way at the time. She wanted to destroy Luke and Laura, and Stefan was whining about saving Laura’s life. She has no tolerance for weakness or disloyalty,” said Towers of her alter ego.

Perhaps one of Towers’ biggest fans, Patricia Thorpe said, “I only watch ”˜GH’ when Connie is on there. So I keep checking your paper’s Web site in order to find out she’s back, between you and Michael Logan, I’ll be reading good news in Canyon News or TV Guide hopefully very soon that Helena has returned.”

Perhaps the second most anticipated return, if possible is that of Sheila Carter. Yes, Lauren Fenmore killed Sheila on “Y&R” a few years ago. Or perhaps it was not Sheila, but the prison warden Sugar? Whoever it was, Maria Bell (The Young and The Restless) or Brad Bell (The Bold and the Beautiful) are creative geniuses. If anyone can resurrect the dangerous diva it’s surely one of them.

“True Blood” season four returns on Sunday, June 12, “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC and “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs are Courtesy: Denis O’ Hare by John P. Johnson/HBO, Constance Towers by ABC/Disney Studios and Kimberlin Brown by CBS Studios