PACIFIC PALISADES—The Temescal Canyon Association will be hosting guest speakers, a film screening and several tributes at their annual meeting next week to celebrate the 100th anniversary of National Parks.

The event will transpire on Tuesday, November 29 at the Temescal Canyon Dining Hall in Temescal Canyon and is slated to begin at approximately 7 p.m.

The meeting is set to begin at the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area with guest speaker and wildlife ecologist Dr. Seth Riley of the National Park Service. Riley, who specializes in mountain lions and coyotes is expected to update the status of the proposed Liberty Canyon wildlife crossing, discuss recent wildlife observations and ongoing issues regarding Topanga State Park. The event will feature the screening of a rarely seen historic film of Los Leones Canyon, presented by speaker Randy Young.

“The Los Leones film has rarely been seen but was pivotal in our preserving Los Leones as public land as we had to fight for this over 20 years ago,” Temescal Canyon Association Board Member Shirley Haggstrom told Canyon News. “I expect Randy Young to summarize our struggle and eventual success when he shows the film.”

This year’s meeting coincides with the centennial celebration of the National Park Service, which was founded by Congress on August 25, 1916 through the National Park Service Organic Act. The Temescal Canyon Association stated in its latest newsletter that the centennial birthday “marks a century of preservation of public parkland for exploration, peace and tranquility, and access to nature.”

The meeting will pay tribute to the late Ethel Haydon, a life-long board member of the association and one of its founders. The Temescal Canyon Association has been overseeing the wellbeing of the Santa Monica mountains since 1972. For more information, visit