HOLLYWOOD—So to all you “The Bold and the Beautiful” fans wanting an answer on the health crisis involving Eric Forrester, you will have to continue to wait. Why? We still don’t know what Eric is dealing with, but he is indeed sick and at least Donna is aware of that now. Yes, she caught Eric coughing and then saw that cloth with blood on it. The doctor called and warned Eric that his stress is elevated and that must be controlled or his situation will get worse.

Hey, as a viewer, I want an answer. What is Eric dealing with and why is it taking this long for the truth to come out? I feel like the writers are attempting to craft something that makes actual sense because even they don’t have an idea as to what Eric is suffering from. No worries because before the week ended, someone else was made aware of what Eric’s condition is, and I’m not talking about RJ, I’m referring to Katie.

I still cannot fathom why the writers have not come up with narratives for actor Don Diamont and actress Heather Tom. These are iconic characters, and it feels like they have been placed on the backburner for almost a year or longer. There are other characters on this soap beyond Liam, Hope, Steffy, Brooke, Thomas and Ridge, it is time for those characters to be highlighted and the others to be placed on the backburner for a while. I mean this Liam, Steffy and Finn new love triangle is a complete bore. Finn and Steffy are the hot couple, Liam you had your shot and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A REUNION. Viewers were forced to deal with that ongoing saga for years and it was not fun one bit.

With that said, Liam is back to his dirty antics, calling Steffy behind Finn’s back to inform her that Deacon and Sheila are an item. Now Liam, Finn just asked you to butt out of his marriage and you’re undermining it yet again. The writers have to find a new purpose for Liam, with Hope frolicking over Thomas in the Forrester Creations office, he has nothing to do. I mean really Hope, you and Thomas making love in Eric’s office. That is just ballsy. I see why Eric was so focused on his new collection to earn a bit more respect from the company he started and to let it be known he is in control and won’t be disrespected anymore.

With that said, Hope is using Thomas, and he is happily obliging until it stops, which trust me, it will indeed happen. Luna and Li aired about their grievances, as Finn got a bit of truth from his mom about her relationship with her sister Poppy. No surprise, Poppy was a wild one that almost torpedoed Li’s medical career. Luna stood her ground against her aunt and it was clear that she was not leaving Forrester Creations or Los Angeles. Yes, Li is a bit feisty, after Finn, after Luna, after Poppy, after Sheila, this woman is pissed for reasons I can all understand.

With that said, the one thing we do have to discuss is Sheila and Deacon because they are no longer hiding their relationship, they are out in the open and everyone has an opinion. FYI Thomas, you are the last person to call someone crazy. You did murder Emma, even if the writers are attempting to spin the tale so that it didn’t transpire, it actually did.

Sheila’s buttons are being pushed, but she is staying calm and controlled for the time being, which makes me wonder, what are the writers planning for November Sweeps. We know the big reveal about Eric’s health is coming out in the midst of the fashion duel, but what about everyone else? What’s the big bomb that will be dropped? I have no idea, which is not a good thing.