UNITED STATES—We’ve had this discussion before, and yet again, we are back to having the discussion yet again about another mass shooting, this time, one of the deadliest in American History. On Sunday, Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He injured 53 others, before he was killed by authorities.

Many are questioning rather the fact that Mateen targeted a gay nightclub puts this horrific crime as a hate crime or as many media outlets have reported a message from ISIS who is continuing to relish with the countless attacks they have taken part in from Paris to Brussels to the most recent. President Obama has come out voicing that the attack is not linked to ISIS, but the shooter was an extremist.

I’ve had it; I’m sick and tired of having these conversations every few months. The number of mass shootings in America is becoming increasingly scary. I mean, you have to ask yourself the question: “Is America safe anymore?” What is so alarming in this entire situation is that in the midst of a weekend that was to celebrate pride, we have this tragedy that looks to be a direct target on the LGBTQ community. It’s horrific, it’s disturbing, but to see so many Americans join together in a critical time of need.

However, the issue that we have yet to discuss is that of gun control, because it’s at the forefront yet again, and this time for a good reason. Why? Mateen was apparently investigated at least 2-3 times by the FBI. Shouldn’t that have been a red flag to arms dealers who sold this gentlemen the weaponry that helped him carry out this planned attack that has left so many shaken to the core.

How was he able to get his hands on firearms if the government has already looked at claims that this man could have been working with a terrorist group or worse ISIS who has been responsible for multiple attacks throughout the world and in the United States. We are all so rushed to promote the right to bear arms, but we’re not considering the question of how many guns are sold or apprehended by individuals dead set on causing harm to others.

I hate to bring this up, but I have to, as a native of Michigan, its alarming that I’ve heard from family reports of at least 5-6 shootings alone in the past 2-3 months, where kids, yes kids have been killed because they got their hands on their parents or grandparents gun that was NOT SECURED and fired the gun killing themselves, someone else, or causing injury to themselves.

Guns are dangerous, we can’t sugarcoat that fact. If they are placed in the hands of those who have no idea how to utilize the weapon or have plans to indulge in a crime of unspeakable circumstances only heighten many people’s worry about the current state of weapons in America. I can’t even wrap my head around the victims who were trapped in that club and sending text messages and doing their best to get into contact with their loved ones to alert them of the situation, and worse inform them that their final moments might be upon them.

I’m wondering why authorities didn’t storm into the nightclub sooner to do everything in their power to take out that coward before he could have taken any more innocent lives. I mean close to 50 people were killed in a single shooting by ONE person, one person, who planned this attack, who had the weapons to carry out the attack and the intent to do so with such evil thoughts.

I’m so sick and tired of these cowards who arm themselves with a gun and attack innocent Americans, looking to instill fear in the world. Be advised you will not win, we are stronger and we will not allow you to win. Hate never prevails, Americans will unite, we are united and we will stop you.

The government has to implement strategies to halt the access of guns to the mentally unstable and those seeking to do harm. This is not an issue we can continue to bypass or ignore, lives are at risk each day we don’t implement stricter gun policies and parameters in place. Questionnaires, longer waiting periods, mental health background checks, prohibition on access to certain weapons, and anything else we can think of that will help. We have to put in the right factors to protect our country, to protect our citizens.