BEVERLY HILLS—On Wednesday, February 10, Louisiana native, Tessica Brown was flown to Beverly Hills to see plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng to undergo surgery to remove Gorilla Glue from her hair free of charge. 

On February 4, Brown’s video went viral on TikTok. She requested help on how to eliminate the adhesive spray from her hair. In the video, she announced her hair had been stuck in place for a month. She used the Gorilla Glue product after she ran out of her usual hair product, Got2b Glued.  

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, when asked about Dr. Michael Obeng she said that “he is everything! I thanked him and hugged him and thanked him. I just came from my appointment a while ago, and we took so many more pictures…I didn’t even know what else, like, what could I do for you?”

Brown launched a GoFund Me page to raise $1500 to purchase wigs after Dr. Obeng told her she would have to wait until after 6 weeks to use any product in her hair. Since then she raised over over $21,000 and will donate to families at St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana.