LOS ANGELES—The non-profit organization, The Giving Spirit (TGS) provided the homeless with survival kits to get through the winter season. The Giving Spirit is a Los Angeles based organization that provides assistance to the homeless during various times of the year.

Their last distribution of survival bags back in June contained as many as 45 items to help the homeless get through the hot summer months. Such items included sunscreen, water bottles, soap, raisins etc.

The bags handed out in December included 60-70 of similar items, but extended towards protecting against winter’s chill and flu-with items like throat lozenges, wool caps and ponchos. The Giving Spirit also provided homeless toddlers with their own bags for the winter and summer seasons that include 20-25 items such as formula, pacifiers, baby mittens and blankets.

Unlike the Saturday Outreach event during the summer that only lasted a day, the Winter Outreach took up three days starting December 12 at 7:30 p.m. and ending on December 15 at 2:00 p.m.

According to their website, The Giving Spirit “provides aid to these vulnerable and fragile lives by assembling and personally distributing survival kits to the children, women and families living on the street. These kits contain over 70 individual items providing sustenance to the homeless in their time of need. Our efforts have personally and positively impacted the lives of our volunteers and our homeless friends from Skid Row to Santa Monica.”