HOLLYWOOD—Why is it that we can’t enjoy one holiday at a time? It seems that people skip over Thanksgiving and go right from Halloween to Christmas. It’s that time again to load up your cart and make it across the finish line. Bargain-hunters venture out on Black Friday looking for great deals from Smart TV’s to the new iPhone 7. Each and every year consumers continue to buy and charge their credit cards, creating even more debt. Some stores even continue to interrupt family dinners in an attempt to lure consumers with bargains on which is now called (Grey Thursday) Thanksgiving Day. Hard-core shoppers each and every year will clip their coupons, throw on their sneakers and brave the crowds. Everyone knows that the hunt for bargains can turn the most polite, best intentioned individual into a Black Friday savage.

This is absolutely unacceptable, rude behavior. Then you have those that turn to online shopping, and decide not to join the throng of millions looking for sales and markdowns. While, Thanksgiving may be full of feasts and festivities, it is important to remember the true meaning of the holiday. It’s about gratitude, and being thankful. It’s a day for everyone to reflect upon themselves and count their blessings. We all worry about so many things on a daily basis and let obstacles and small difficulties in life consume us with worry, it’s a day to reflect on everything we have in life. Having gratitude not only shows appreciation, but will help us become happier, more satisfied, healthier, and make us better people.

Thanksgiving Hollywood style, is announcing an upcoming tour or film. That’s just the way it is in the entertainment industry. One person that is full of gratitude about her career is pop star Adele. She has announced two dates at Wembley Stadium next summer to round off her multi-million pound world tour. The singer just announced the concerts in an Instagram video, where she sang the football anthem “Three Lions,” as well as the Match of the Day theme song, dubbed “The Finale.” The performances will sew her play to more than 150,000 fans on June 29, 2017 and July 1, 2017. Adele’s first world tour has incorporated 107 dates across Europe and North America, with more dates to come in Australia next year. Besides flawless renditions of hits like “Hello,” “Skyfall” and “Someone Like You,” the star’s unfiltered, uncensored on-stage chatter has often made headlines.

Making headlines is rapper Kanye West, who was taken to a Los Angeles hospital. After the police received a “disturbance call” on November 21, he was involuntarily taken to the hospital. West’s wife Kim Kardashian was photographed getting off a private jet at Van Nuys Airport a few hours after he was taken to the hospital. West’s current tour had been cancelled following an outburst last weekend. He had performed just three songs Saturday night, before embarking on an unscripted rant, criticizing Facebook, Jay-Z and Hillary Clinton. His promoter, Live Nation, has announced refunds for all tickets from the show. No reason, as of press time, has been given for the cancellation of the remaining tour. One could only speculate.

Rose’s Scoop: President-elect Donald Trump is welcome at the Broadway show “Hamilton,” according to the show’s creator. Trump tweeted this past weekend that the cast of “Hamilton” attacked his running mate, and wanted the cast to apologize. Of course, President-elect Donald Trumps supporters are boycotting the show.

Wishing everyone a safe, and Happy Thanksgiving Day!