UNITED STATES—Spring has sprung, and everyone is trying to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Decks, patios, and porches have become a great place of relaxation and entertainment for families and individuals. Not everyone has a huge backyard to entertain in, and many people have tiny spaces to use outdoors. Even in small spaces, an outdoor kitchen can help create a sanctuary and quiet atmosphere to enjoy evenings and weekends. Keep reading for some great ideas to keep in mind when planning an outdoor kitchen for a small space.

1. Keep it minimal.

An outdoor kitchen does not need every cooking appliance and storage facility. With a small space, it is important to focus on the essential things, including something to cook on, a small sink, and a bit of countertop space. If there is more room, owners get outdoor kitchen ideas and begin to add additional luxuries, such as beverage refrigerators, storage cabinets, and additional cook tops. However, an outdoor kitchen doesn’t need more to make it great. 

2. Decorate with style.

While the space may be small, with the proper decorating it can appear larger than it is. Choose furniture that is appropriate for the size of the space. Because the space is smaller, it may be possible to spend more money on upgraded appliances and materials. Instead of using a cheaper tile, a homeowner may be able to splurge on granite countertops since they don’t need a very large countertop. 

Using higher-end materials and furniture in the outdoor kitchen space is another way to make it feel grand and luxurious while still fitting into a tight space. Always choose materials that are made for outdoor use. Stainless steel and granite are good options for appliances and countertops as are waterproof materials for furniture. Consider using lighter colors and metallic finishes to reflect light.

3. Enhance the View.

While the space may be small, make the view beautiful. Use landscaping to create an oasis of beauty in your tiny backyard or porch. Situate the seating areas so that guests have the best view possible rather than looking at the side of a home or the neighbor’s chimney.

Well-placed accessories can make a small outdoor kitchen seem larger. Bright lighting, large mirrors, and even a ceiling fan can help to make a bright, comfortable space that blends into nature. 

4. Make a bar.

Instead of traditional tables and chairs in an outdoor kitchen seating space, consider saving space by making an English pub-style bar. Homeowners can be grilling and preparing food while guests are seated at the bar enjoying a drink and chatting with their host. A bar reduces the need for additional furniture on a patio and is easy to take care of.

5. Be clever with storage. 

Utilize all of the space in a small outdoor kitchen by finding clever ways to store utensils, grilling supplies, and outdoor dishes. An outdoor kitchen island is a great idea for adding storage and seating. It also provides more counter space for making food and gives a nice place for guests to gather while cooking. Underneath an island, cabinets and drawers can store needed items and reduce clutter. Kitchen islands come in all kinds of designs and in a variety of materials. 

A small outdoor kitchen can be just as enjoyable as a large one. Before beginning, keep these ideas in mind to create a perfect, peaceful oasis.