UNITED STATES—Gone are the days when company directors used to meet at emergency or annual general meetings (AGM). The era of paper documentation has almost become obsolete as board portal software has changed the face of board management completely.

More and more companies, organizations, firms, unions, clubs, and associations are switching to digital collaboration tools, which have increased the demand for virtual board software.

However, high competition in the boardroom market has also created confusion for users. There are so many options available in the market, but how would you know which one will be better for your company?

Below is a list of the top 5 online board meeting management solutions in 2022. But before that, let’s get you introduced to the virtual boardroom technology.

What is virtual boardroom software?

Virtual boardroom or board management software is technically a combination of multiple digital technologies for board document management, online collaboration, and board meeting management.

In broader terms, board portal software is a paperless meeting solution and a digital document repository that assists boards in:

  • Online board document storage, sharing, distribution, and management
  • Virtual board meeting automation from start to end
  • Online communication between board members, investors, and other interested parties

Board software’s usage has extended to different types of organizations and corporate officials. Government agencies, enterprises, nonprofit organizations, unions, associations, clubs, and other commercial businesses use board portal software for board communication, deal management, online meetings, and document management.

Here is a trusted review of online board meeting software based on customer reviews, functionality, and the overall reputation of these solutions in the boardroom market.

Top 5 board meeting management software in 2022

1. BoardMaps

One of the biggest reasons for keeping BoardMaps on the top of the list is its remarkable rating on trusted websites like Capterra, Getapp, G2, and Software Advice.

BoardMaps boardroom software is a typical modern-day meeting solution that mainly focuses on smoother board meetings. It also has a document repository, chat messenger, and other document management tools.

What makes BoardMaps a top choice for online board meetings is its features for before, during, and post-meeting activities. Anyone can easily raise concerns during the meetings and induce discussions.

Users can share documents without closing the video conference tab, cast votes, create live polls, and much more. In addition to that, BoardMaps offer task management, meeting recording, and reporting tools.

2. iDeals Boards

iDeals Boards are full-of-utility board meeting management solutions by iDeals Solutions, one of the highly regarded cloud-based data management and meeting management solutions. iDeals stands among the pioneers of cloud solutions for data storage and meeting management.

You can choose iDeals for multiple reasons. For example, iDeals Boards are famous for their hard-to-beat security. They employ the latest security features for platform and document protection.

Apart from that, iDeals Boards have a massive inventory of document management and meeting management tools. You can conduct HD meetings and prepare digital board books, agendas, and minutes. The electronic signatures feature makes it possible to get documents signed online. Most importantly, the company has an ever-ready and highly knowledgeable customer support service.

3. BoardEffect

BoardEffect is one of the few board meeting management solutions that provide you with unlimited storage space. The software is well-known for its simple and user-intuitive design and makes board meetings seamless. Its document management tools allow you to share and organize thousands of files with ease.

BoardEffect also boasts tools for individual and group communication, and the platform security is simply unbreakable. The software is used by board teams, managers, administrators and directors.

4. Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards have a proven record in the virtual boardroom industry. The company has been offering board management solutions since 2001 and has served more than 23,000 companies and organizations and over 70,000 board officials in 21 years.

Just like the names above, Diligent Boards have a strong security system and highly useful document management tools. What’s more, the company educates its customers about the latest developments and new products/features offered in their solutions through webinars and tutorials.

Moreover, Diligent board management solutions are used in multiple industries, including financial institutions, healthcare, nonprofit organizations, the education sector, and the energy sector.

5. Nasdaq BoardVantage

BoardVantage is another resourceful board meeting management solution that is particularly designed for directors. BoardVantage helps directors fulfill their regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities by streamlining documentation, board meetings, and communication between the board members.

What makes Boardvantage a reliable option is the fact that almost half of the Fortune 100 companies use this software for their boards. The company provides multi-channel customer support 24/7/365. BoardVantage also enjoys amazing ratings on trusted software review websites like G2, Capterra, etc.

Final words

The growing number of board meeting management solutions has made the selection tricky for boardroom users. Some of the best virtual boardroom software include Diligent Boards, iDeals Boards, Nasdaq Boardvantage, BoardMaps, and BoardEffect. Consider comparing these providers against the criteria you find the most important — and you’ll be fully equipped to make the right choice.