HELLO AMERICA─The 62nd Grammy Awards Show was an absolute winner this year. It equaled with its musical choreography for all of the highlighted performing groups and stars matched any Broadway show one might name.

It was a very wise move to hand the major hosting handle to the likes of Alicia Keys who has proven time and time again how able she is in keeping an audience glued to their seats with anticipating what is to come. Her musical tribute from Lizzo, Billie Ellish to Kobe Bryant was so real and moving, tears were flowing from an audience. These people respected this young man so much not only for his ability as a basketball player, but for his tremendous dedication to people not only in the community where he lived for over 20 years, but those from other parts of the world.

It was extremely moving to watch Bonnie Raitt perform again. Hearing her haunting rendition of “Angel From Montgomery” was indeed special. Demi Lovato proved again why she is one of the best, legitimate singers of our day. She has the same power as Barbara Streisand and more. Then, there were such powerfully proven winners as Ariana Grande, Lizzo Billie Ellish and Cyndi Lauper. Of course, Having Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani made everything seem legitimate. After all, he is one of those icons who makes “The Voice” extremely fun viewing each week; the show is scheduled for the word.

The audience went crazy when watching Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler, Billy Ray Cyrus, Diplo, Jonas Brothers, Kirk Franklin, Lil Nas X and so many more including Misty Copeland (Her ballet talent is unbelievable as usual). Other popular faces hitting the stage included Common, Joshua Bell and Ben Platt.

Usher proved again that he has more natural talent than many believed. The man reeks of talent. Yes, he paid tribute to Prince, but many ways he will equal him in so many necessary ways. As usual, Sheila E let the world understand why she has survived for so long. The lady is an absolutely brilliant musician. Kudos should go to Nipsey Choir, finale dancers, Jonas Brother’s band and Alicia Keys choir.

LET US NOT FORGET THE LOUNGE DANCERS: Jonas Brothers dancers, Tyler the Creator dancers, Prince Tribute dancers, Ariana Grand dancers, Lil Nas X dancers, Rosalia dancers and dancers for musician Alicia Keys. The dancers, all of them involved with the Grammys this year made millions of people forget for a short time of losing someone we all respected and loved in the sports world. Let us hope that Broadway producers get the idea what is needed to be returned on the great MILKY WHITE WAY!