HOLLYWOOD—This week’s episode of “The Bachelorette” offered closure to last week’s rose ceremony’s startling ending and named the final two remaining bachelors, who will be meeting JoJo’s parents next week in the season finale.

Episode nine, ‘Thailand,’ started immediately where last week’s episode left off: the rose ceremony – where JoJo is standing in front of four anxious bachelors with only three roses remaining.

Last week’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” ‘Hometowns,’ closed upon Luke breaking the tension of the rose ceremony – he pulls JoJo aside and tells her for the first time: “I love you.” The episode ended with JoJo in tears and America wondering: will she really eliminate Luke?

JoJo says goodbye to Luke.
JoJo says goodbye to Luke.

The answer is yes. JoJo hands out the remaining roses to Robby, Jordan, and Chase, leaving Luke heartbroken in one of the most devastating break ups in “Bachelor” history. Meanwhile, the three remaining bachelors are off to Thailand for more romantic adventures.

Thailand holds one opportunity in particular for the three eager contenders: overnight dates. Each of the remaining bachelors is invited to spend the entire day with the bachelorette; and if the date goes well, she can extend the invitation overnight, with a key to the “fantasy suite.”

The first date: Robby and JoJo stroll through an authentic floating market, taste different seafood dishes, and immerse themselves in Thailand’s culture.

At dinner, JoJo brings up concerns about Robby’s commitment and he reassures her with an unusual memento: a letter from his father – basically reinforcing his character.

His efforts are effective and JoJo offers Robby a key to the fantasy suite – of course, he accepts, and the two spend the rest of the evening without cameras or distractions.

Jordan and JoJo in Thailand.
Jordan and JoJo in Thailand.

The second date: Jordan. The two romp about a picturesque Thai national park, climb steep mountainsides, and explore a sacred temple hidden amidst a mystical cave.

JoJo pressures Jordan to be open and he makes an honest effort to articulate his emotions; she invites him to stay overnight and as aforementioned, the two are granted an entire evening of privacy.

The third and final date: Chase. The two hop on a boat and steam off towards a secluded beach where they reminisce about his hometown; at dinner, Chase wears his heart on his sleeve and in return, JoJo offers him a key to the fantasy suite and he accepts.

JoJo and Chase.
JoJo and Chase in Thailand.

JoJo and Chase sit inside the suite sipping wine and sharing laughs – that’s when Chase decides now’s a better time than any to say those three words; he tells JoJo: “I love you.”

JoJo shocks Chase with her her less-than enthusiastic response – she breaks it off then and there, unable to reciprocate those feelings. Chase heads home, roseless; thus, determining the final two remaining bachelors: Jordan and Robby.

Later, JoJo offers Jordan and Robby the remaining two roses and they gladly accept – meaning they’ll be meeting JoJo’s family next week and finally competing for the ultimate rose: JoJo.

The season finale of “The Bachelorette” will air next week on ABC at 8 p.m.