UNITED STATES—If you’re an older student, it sometimes isn’t possible to up and leave and relocate to another state just because the local college has a great degree or program that you need, especially if you need a part-time one to further your career. What I would suggest is undertake an online degree or program, which means you never have to leave you city and you get all the same bonuses and qualifications as someone who studies physically. Below are the best online colleges for the main types of programs available.

Bachelor’s Programs

Pennsylvania State University – World Campus is ranked number 1 for its online bachelor’s programs. All online classes and lectures at Penn State are catalogued and archived, meaning those who are taking online courses can access the material any time they need. Other good colleges for bachelor’s:

  • Western Kentucky University
  • University of Illinois

MBA Programs

Temple University is the highest ranking provider of MBA programs, which also archives its lectures like Penn State. 92% of students who enroll are already employed, so this is a good option for people who wish to study whilst they work. Other good colleges for MBA programs:

  • Indiana University
  • University of North Carolina

Graduate Business Programs

Indiana University ranks highest for its graduate business programs and unsurprisingly 97% of applicants are already employed in the business world. If you’re looking to get that great promotion or boost your employability factor, then you will need to undertake a graduate business program. Other good colleges for graduate business programs:

  • University of Connecticut
  • Arizona State University

Graduate Criminal Justice Programs

Anyone looking to further their legal career will want to check out Arizona State University, as they have one of the best graduate criminal justice programs. They are also excellent when it comes to the medical programs with many aspiring doctors choosing to take their Public Health Degree online there as well. Other good colleges for graduate criminal justice programs:

  • Boston University
  • Sam Houston State University

Graduate Education Programs

The University of Florida comes top of the pile when it comes to education programs. With this one, only 73% of students are already employed, so this might be a good option for people who are struggling to find teaching work. A program like this will help you get a leg up on the competition. Other good colleges for graduate education programs:

  • University of Houston
  • Florida State University

Graduate Engineering Programs

Engineers are usually at the top of the salary brackets. The world is always in needof innovative inventions and so if you want to make a lot of money, then become an engineer. The top two universities for graduate engineering programs are both in California: the University of California and the University of Southern California. Two other good ones:

  • Columbia University
  • Pennsylvania State University

There we have it the best colleges for online graduate studies. Taking a graduate course is a great way to earn more money and make you more attractive to potential employers.