UNITED STATES—Gifting your friends with something they’ll love is a thoughtful way of showing your appreciation for them. It lets them know that you value them, and their interests, and encourage their hobbies or work. Your friends may have numerous interests and understanding them is key to gifting them something memorable.

If you have a friend who is a jeweler, you know they’ll love some beautiful pieces of jewelry to own. Their work involves constant work around them, and they deserve to own some unique ornaments for themselves too. So why not give them some? Not only will they appreciate it, but they’ll also treasure them as they understand the value and work that goes behind each ornament. To help you pick a few, here’s a look at some of the best jewelry pieces that you can gift a jeweler friend.

  1. Tanzanite jewelry:  Tanzanite, being one of the rarest gemstones in existence, makes for some beautiful jewelry additions. Any Tanzanite jewelry that carries one or more precious stones is unique and never fails to stand out. And there’s no one who’ll better understand this than a friend who is a jeweler. You can give them Tanzanite rings as it is an excellent gift option. They’re beautiful to look at, add a pop of color, and even work well with different styles. And its rarity makes Tanzanite all the more special. So why not give a beautiful ornament to your jeweler friend? You’ll be guaranteed to make their day.
  2. Pearl necklaces: Pearls are delicate yet one of the most beautiful precious gems we can come across. They have a subtle color, and add a touch of classiness to any outfit worn along with them. For gifting a jeweler friend, pearl necklaces should be a must to consider. They’re the best person who will be able to understand the value of these ornaments and treasure them in the best way possible. Pearl necklaces give a timeless feel and compliment any outfit beautifully. So do not fail to consider them as gift options for your jeweler friend.

3. Ruby necklaces: Rubies are highly-valuable gemstones with a beautiful shade of deep red. They are one of the most sought-after and make for some unique jewelry pieces. Necklaces with ruby gems or pendants are definitely outstanding pieces of jewelry to own, which is why they are the perfect gift option for your jeweler friend. They’ll be able to treasure such valuable ornaments in the best way possible. Ruby jewelry works with a lot of different styles. Hence, while planning gifts, do not fail to add Ruby necklaces at the top of your list for your friend.

4. Polki diamond ornaments: We all know the diamond family of gemstones is one of the most aesthetically appealing families to exist. They are highly-valuable and in-demand treasures with irreplaceable beauty. Polki diamonds hold a subtle shade of sparkling white that makes any ornament stand out. Hence, Polki diamond jewelry will make for some valuable gifts for a jeweler friend. They will understand the worth of the ornaments and treasure them safely. Polki diamond ornaments can be worn with any style or color. For gifting a jeweler friend some diamond jewelry, do consider these as a top-ranking option.

5. Gold necklaces: Gold ornaments are a classic in all the jewelry that we can come across. They may have a simple design but are nothing less in value no matter the jewelry piece. These also make for some of the best ornaments for gifts, especially for a friend who’s a jeweler. They will be the best people to truly understand and treasure gold ornaments. Gold chains are one of the most in-demand jewelry pieces, which is why you should consider them for gifting. They work well with numerous colors and styles, stand out beautifully, and even add a subtle shine to anything one chooses to wear.

6.  Shungite jewelry: Shungite is a rare, black stone that originates from Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia. Although they may hold a dark color, they are valuable and beautiful to look at, and thus make for some unique jewelry pieces. If you’re looking to gift your jeweler friend some unique jewelry, you can consider a Shungite crystal necklace. They are valuable jewelry pieces and can be worn perfectly on occasions that call for a fancy outfit. Their black color allows it to work well with many different styles. While looking for jewelry gifting options, make sure to look at Shungite ornaments as they’ll make for the perfect gift option.