The Beverly Washburn Story

BEL AIR —Child star and author Beverly Washburn has written a wonderful autobiography that is being updated in 2010. The actress tells Canyon News, “Bear Manor and I have decided to add some more photographs and more stories, since it’s been such a wonderful response from fans and readers. I hope that everyone will love the new book as much as they seem to love the current one.” Love is an understatement. Being a huge fan of Beverly’s work, the prolific actress remains positive and enjoys the work of an actor to this day. “I suppose I was very lucky and more happy about being an actor than most kids I grew up with. I worked with some kids who just hated it. I was very happy to do it, I loved working as a child-star and my parents were wonderful to allow me to do so,” stated Washburn. “It was very sad watching the other kids on set who hated it, I always loved what I was doing and still do today.”


“Reel Tears” her autobiography is titled in essence from the star’s ability to cry on cue. Tears came in very handy for the beauty when she was starring in “Old Yeller.” The film called for many tears and most adults today remember seeing the film at least once and remember Beverly’s magnificent work in the film. Beverly has wonderful memories of working with so many great stars from Kirk Douglas to Loretta Young. “I adored Loretta. She was the warmest and most kind lady I ever met and yet she was so professional and knew her lines, knew everything that was going on while filming and she taught me so much,” said Washburn. “I also loved being Wally’s girlfriend in ”˜Leave it to Beaver’ and Tony [Dow] and I are still friends to this day.” Dow wrote the foreword for Beverly’s biography and is looking forward like the rest of us to reading her updated version later this year.

Fond memories Beverly spoke of regarding Fess Parker, Bill Bixby, Dorothy McGuire and Evelyn Keyes. You name a star from the golden era and Ms. Washburn worked with him or her. The epic classic western film “Shane” is also one she’s remembered for, another role where tears were necessary and in Beverly’s case readily available. Though she rarely cried in her private life, being very blessed and grateful for her career. Beverly lost her husband a few years ago from cancer and she misses him greatly. “I do miss my husband and his death was very hard on me. But I know that we’ll be together again one day and until then, I’ll continue living and trying to enjoy life while making a difference to others.” She makes a difference on many level. Author John O’Dowd, who wrote the definitive tell-all of Barbara Payton’s life and career tells Canyon News, “She’s one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. She’s so generous and her book is filled with wonderful stories and anecdotes without being tawdry or mean. She’s a rare gem.”

Look for Ms. Washburn on the big and small screen later this year and in the future. “I’m not giving up, Tommy. I love acting and I honestly respect everyone’s career, from a secretary, doctor to a garbage man. I however would not be happy doing anything but what I do. I am blessed and I appreciate my fans,” concluded Beverly Washburn.