HOLLYWOOD—We all know the entrepreneurs Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, along with Bernard Arnault and his family. What you didn’t know is some celebrities are also billionaires. Let’s look at some of our favorite celebrities that are in the Billionaire club. Rihanna, has just became a billionaire, yet has not released an album since 2016. Her earnings from her Fenty Beauty and her other lucrative ventures have made her super rich.

Kanye West, is another musician turned billionaire. He’s just like Rihanna, his ventures have taken him over the top. In April 2020, after months of going back and forth, Forbes magazine finally declared the rapper was worth $1.3 billion. Between his Yeezy holdings, real estate and other investments he’s raking it in. He insists, that his net worth is more than $3 billion. His estranged wife Kim Kardashian is also a member of the Billionaire club, thanks to her ventures that include Skims shapewear and her KKW Beauty line.

As you all know the reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” came to a close in June 2021. Kim didn’t say how much she earns on social media, including her Instagram posts. Previously, she has said, her payments range from $300,000 to $500,000 and sometimes north of $1 million.

Now, as far as her little sister Kylie Jenner, it has been said, according to Forbes magazine, that she was the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire. After further review, she was a little short of billionaire status. So the magazine had to revoke the title back in May 2020. Another rapper is Jay-Z, the world’s first billionaire rapper. His assets include his $100 million stake in the streaming service Tidal, a $70 million stake in Uber and stakes in Armand de Brignac champagne and D’Usse cognac worth a combined $410 million. According to published reports, he also has an art collection worth about $50 million and his music catalog is worth $75 million.

From rappers to directors, George Lucas, the “Star Wars” creator hasn’t directed a movie since 2005 yet his net worth is more than $6.4 billion. When “Star Wars” first hit theaters in 1977, the film’s distributor let Lucas have ownership of the licensing and merchandising rights because they thought the movie would be a flop. We all know, that it was a huge success, he’s been raking in the cash ever since. No need to direct, unless he wants to.

Another huge portion of his net worth comes from the 2012 sale of Lucasfilm to Disney for $4.1 billion. Another director is Steven Spielberg, he is worth more than $7 billion. He profited from the 2016 sale of his studio, Dreamworks Animation, to NBC Universal for $3.8 billion. His films have grossed more than $10 billion worldwide, and he’s also a consultant for Universal theme parks, which feature rides based on some of his movies. That explains, the success for the “Jaws” director.

Another billionaire is Michael Jordan, yes, the NBA icon retired in 2003, but has an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion. The former Chicago Bulls player has a stake in sports betting company DraftKings and reportedly makes $100 million per year just from Nike royalties. He also owns the Charlotte Hornets NBA team. Tyler Perry, the Madea mogul has an estimated $60 million stake in BET+, $300 million worth of cash and investments and $40 million in real estate. His films are worth an estimated $320 million and Tyler Perry Studios, his producing complex in Atlanta, is worth $280 million.

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s net worth is between $6 and 8 billion, thanks to his many fashion lines including Polo Ralph Lauren. The Ralph Lauren Corporation also owns Club Monaco.

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