UNITED STATES—The photo above shows grandmothers doing what used to be considered familial duty: HELPING.

There are many society-crippling issues occurring simultaneously in our country, and the phenomena of young mothers pawning off maternal responsibility is at an ALL TIME HIGH, with 2.4 million American homes raising grandchildren.

At first glance when you compare young parents with no desire to protect or provide, to those that have children but leave them to be raised by their own mother, it’s obvious which circumstance is better FOR THE CHILD.

The safe environment, of course… BUT HOW MUCH BETTER? Think about it the same way I do…

NOT ONLY is your new generation being taught it’s okay to have a baby and leave him or her with someone else, but that baby is being raised by the same person who very well may have FAILED AT PARENTING the first time.

One could surmise that some grandparents would be happy to have a second chance, AND THAT SHOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM: AS LONG AS THEY RECOGNIZE THEIR PREVIOUS MISTAKES.

Whether the new mother is too young or lazy, in an unhealthy relationship, or addicted to drugs: too many parents are merely taking on responsibility of their child’s’ child, without giving thought to what went wrong the first time.

Then what happens?The GRANDMA MOMMY raises her grandchild using the same parenting mistakes, possibly inflicting another child with the same inefficiencies or dysfunction as the first child.

Something else I am noticing? There’s a big discrepancy in the way Uncle Sam is dealing with these deadbeat parent households.

The poor grandmas are raising grandchildren, but Uncle Sam gets involved and scrutinizes, forcing intervention when they can. Wealthy grandmas are allowed to keep making the same mistakes, finding themselves with multiple grandchildren under the age of 5.

There’s a case in NY where a very young teen had a child and her parents took responsibility of the baby, sending her to another state to live with a relative and get clean from a HARD & BAD drug addiction.

What did she do? Took it with her, introducing the drug (instead of the baby) to a large group in the new state, half of whom would become addicted themselves: their once bright lives shattered because of some other parent’s bad choice.

Then she gets pregnant again (second baby, several abortions) and the parents try to force her to terminate or give up for adoption, she will not. She has the baby with no help from the wealthy side, support only from the poor grandparents.

Of course, this young woman is related to a SUPREME COURT JUDGE and although Social Services removed the baby from the mother the wealthy grandparents somehow got quick custody of the very same baby they were unwilling to help for the first 8 months: once their reputation was on the line.

The one way they WERE willing to help? Providing a high-tech device and Netflix membership. Letting them starve and go homeless, but enabling her to do nothing except as many TOO YOUNG parents DO in this country: watch TV or playing on a device, unwilling to consider the future for themself or their child.

I have no doubt the delusional parents of these new age DEADBEATS blame society for the problem THEY ALONE created!

One thing is for sure, there are TOO MANY young parents rationing milk and formula, while buying $10 cigarettes. Unwilling to try, whether that means working OR lowering pride and asking for government assistance. Why? Because BOTH REQUIRE RULES and RESPONSIBILITY.

If you are the parent of one of these monstrosities, I AM SORRY.

We ALL make mistakes, and I have certainly made my own. I admit them though, because nothing can be fixed if we don’t admit it was broken in the first place. We ARE supposed to want better for our future generations, no matter what illogical nonsense YOUR PARENT taught YOU.

So if you find yourself in a position with an over-entitled young adult, or worse, one that keeps producing babies they don’t care to parent, the best thing you can do is start reflecting, figure out WHAT WENT WRONG.

But don’t feel TOO bad because we all make mistakes. Get a therapist you trust, and click here to read about enabling and tough love.

FEEL GOOD if you are FINALLY willing to admit that enough is enough, and you will now try to change.

FEEL BAD if you are mad at me for telling the truth, yet allow your child to continue in such horrible ways.