HOLLYWOOD—Something bad is brewing on the Showtime series “The Chi.” Why? The big face-to-face between Douda and Alicia came to fruition. More on that later. This week’s episode, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ witnessed some things shifting. Jake did his best to cheer up Victor who was a bit down and depressed with his current legal situation by throwing a Halloween party.

Speaking of Halloween, Emmett and Kiesha found themselves with an unexpected guest who wanted to partake with taking the children trick-or-treating, it was Nuck, Ronnie’s dad.

The fractures are definitely unfolding in Marcus and Tierra’s relationship, as she wants more from him, and it feels like Marcus just wants to have fun. Kiesha’s mom is dipping her foot back into the dating pool with the woman who caused her marriage to Dre to implode. As a viewer, I am starting to worry about Papa because his newfound ‘mentor’ is becoming a bad influence as he dismissed the Halloween holiday, which annoyed Jake. He also informed his mentor that his wife might not be trustworthy, which makes me wonder how this conflict will explode for Papa, Jake, The First Lady and the preacher.

Bakari’s professor? He’s entangled with Douda also? However, not the way you think because he went to school with Otis, as he pleaded his case to let Bakari go so that he could have some sort of future. Maisha and Jemma picked up on the bad energy between Bakari and his sister, who later spilled that she works for Douda.

When she dropped the bomb that she has been spying on her brother, Maisha and Jemma flipped. They made it clear she has to tell Bakari the truth otherwise things will end bad. I truly hope this money doesn’t hurt Jemma as things begin to culminate. In an interesting turn of events, the audience learned Damien is NOT the good kid we thought. He was caught up in robbing a liquor store, but someone else took the fall courtesy of Darnell, and that man came back to emerge himself in Darnell and Damien’s life.

Yeah, Emmett was not pleased with having to hand out another job because of his father. Victor had his case tossed out against Q because of a technicality. Actually, it was Alicia pulling some strings with a powerful judge that she has a relationship with. Bakari warned his professor that talking to Douda may have marked him in a bad way, and I fear the same. Kiesha may have hurt Nuck’s feelings when she noted that she no longer loved him, but was happy that he was Ronnie’s father and not a stranger.

I still found it baffling that Alonzo’s death wasn’t a focal point in this week’s episode. There was a bit of chatter, but it didn’t become evident I think until the final moments of the episode, or maybe it picks up next week or in subsequent episodes. Damien was forced to come face-to-face with the man from his past who spent time in jail for a crime he committed. Looks like bad blood is about to spill over in a massive way.

Zane and Kenya are still dancing around secrets as they consider pursuing a relationship. I’ll just say it, Kenya, Zane is bad, real bad for you, so get away as soon as possible. As teased earlier, the big moment of the episode transpired with Douda getting a surprise appearance at Bianca’s club, which Alicia actually owns to his surprise. I was surprised to see Douda spill that he knows about Zane meeting with Alicia. He noted he has soldiers, and it became clear Alicia has hers as well, after Douda grabbed her by the throat.

How did it culminate? Shaad pointed a gun at Douda’s head which prompted him to unleash his grip and I am worried who will strike first Douda or Alicia, my gut based on next week’s episode, is Douda because Emmett is in panic mode and it doesn’t look good. I’m seated and ready for the shock that is being teased. Until next week, “The Chi” fanatics!