About the Author: Mr. Probandt is an expert in the field of investment. He is a published author and written numerous articles over the years. At one point he was a national radio talk show host.

Like most people I have followed the college admission case and it is sad. I am not so concerned what the parents did, as good parents will do almost anything to help their kids have a better future. America has always been about improving the next generation.  What concerns me is that the the focus of the case is the parents.  I believe that these parents have been victimized by a third party. The perpetrator and cohorts are almost never been mentioned in any of the articles. The people at the schools who assisted the ring leader seem to be the real people to place blame. All I read about is Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli. Could this not be handled in a more subtle manner that is economically more cost effective? Why is the government wasting so much money chasing victims, not actual criminals?  Are these parents really criminals, are instead am I correct and they are actually victims?

I have never met these people but the bully approach of chasing them so hard is way over the top. A Hollywood couple who has stayed married and raised two daughters. Both people who came from nothing and managed to make themselves a success. Mossimo took the college money his parents gave him and used it to start a business that grew to over 2000 stores before selling out. Wow a guy that stays married and a modern American business hero. Lori Loughlin probably never reached the level as an actress as she had hoped. However, Lori Loughlin while not a superstar has had enjoyed a successful consistent career.

Neither of these people went to college but both still became a success. Society seems to place a chip on the shoulder those who do not graduate college. I am sure deep inside not finishing college has impacted their way of thinking. The mental inadequacy faced by people who do not have a college degree can be weighing. For Loughlin and Mossimo I am sure that in spite their success they have both experienced such feelings.

I am sure these parents are victims. The reason I say this, is that I have personally experienced these college prep people with my youngest son. I was looking to find him a preparation course for the college entrance test also called the SAT exam. In the process, I interviewed three college prep operations.  Two of them were very honest, but the third was nothing more than a scam artist telling me all kinds of mistruths. I was appalled at the things the guy was telling me to make a sale. I did go to college and know how the systems works, so I saw through his lies.

The perpetrator I am sure told the parents that without his help these girls had no chance to ever get in college. Most people do not understand the college admissions system and can easily fall for such nonsense. Also, these are private schools, they are not public schools, which is another puzzling thing in the case. Since when do private schools face such scrutiny. Parents for the last 200 years have donated money to schools with the expectation that their kids will be admitted, regardless of their grade status. Should we throw all those parents in jail who have donated to a school? A curious question: How are these students who got admitted doing academically? I assert that the college admission system is flawed, and my bet is that these students are probably passing and doing fine.

People mature at different ages. To rely as the highest weighting on high school grades as the barometer for being admitted to college, in my opinion is wrong. It seems logical that a school  would rather have a well-rounded student, not just someone who studied all the time and got good grades or played a special sport. Lori Loughlin’s daughter at 19 is already making more money than any of her professors, but the school counts this for nothing.  It is true that the two daughters had to be on the rowing team to get into college.  Really, the rowing team? I have nothing against rowing or any other sport, but this is absolute insanity. In a way aren’t the colleges themselves committing such a scam with the big-name sports. Schools constantly admit students who would never qualify by any standard expect that they are good football or basketball players.  A sort of bribery if you think about it, because the school will earn money from the play of these student athletes. Uhm, a curious observation, it seems the FBI should immediately go after various college administrative leaders for letting these unqualified student athletes attend the school. How about the schools earning significant money from the play of these student athletes and paying them nothing? Well that’s an entire separate article, so let me stay on point with this subject.

The real perpetrators are not Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli but instead the system and the person they paid.  It is wasteful the way our government chases these parents. The cost by the government and the time spent by prosecutors, when real cases are sitting for decades with no action cannot be justified.

Why for example is Jeffrey Epstein a billionaire and a registered sex offender, who previously served time for soliciting sex with an underage girl left untouched? If true, the rumors surrounding his activities are alarming and despicable.  How about the billions of dollars that have been stolen as related to the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation? “CFC” from taxpayers.

The college admissions scandal started when a person who was being chased by the FBI for a Wall Street pump and dump scheme became a Whistle Blower. The Feds took quick action on the college scandal based on this person’s information. However, on another case involving billions of dollars of brides, murder, drugs and more, the information by another Whistle Blower has gone ignored for a full decade. The first whistle blower is a criminal and action is immediately taken. The second whistle blower a solid citizen and he is ignored.

The second case with real criminals has completely been ignored for over ten years. A case that has volumes of evidence and no doubt easy to prove and find guilt.  Not only that but it is one that involves much more important people than Lori Laughlin.  A case that involves many parties conspiring together to cheat USA citizens. A case that affects all tax payers in the United States.

This case was ignored under the Obama administration as there are involved very high-level people associated. So far, under the current administration still no action has been taken.  In fairness, with the many messes President Trump has had to deal with, this is not a surprise.

It is time to stop wasting taxpayer money on things like this college admissions case and change the focus to something that is real. I have studied the second case, it is big, and it is real. Everything about this second case makes me sick, but no action is ever taken. I am sure that other big cases are also being ignored.  It is time to stop the nonsense of placing priority on cases like this college admissions scandal and stop chasing victims. The victims of the CFC case are the tax payers and sadly the fraud on them continues.

Did I mention earlier this case involves drug dealing, murder, the stealing of billions of dollars, prostitution, corruption at the highest level, collusion at many levels (corporations, politicians, law firms, large corporations, government agencies, etc.), conspiracy and much more. Yet it is ignored, while parents who tried to help their children are being bullied by the government.

While I am unsure why certain important cases involving real criminals are ignored. I am certain that this must change, or as President Trump says: Its time to make America great again.

Written By John Probandt/jmp8@live.com