HELLO AMERICA!—Get ready for yet another group of crazy, funny, wonderful people who will make you think, laugh and sometimes throw-up. The group of madness is created by actor, dancer and cartoonist Correy Harris. His dry humor is about to be launched this fall in a magazine dealing with the fascinating world of animals and those who love them. When asking him about his new venture, he burst into laughter and said, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to! The world of animals is so similar to our own.” And this was the beginning of my conversation with Mr. Harris.

MSJ: Correy, when did you decide to embark on a career as an illustration artist?

CORREY: Oh, I have always loved creating characters of different types, cartoons representing life which we all can relate to. After all, it’s a simple way of making people aware of themselves, their strengths and yes, their weaknesses. This is why down through the many years, those characters we grew up looking forward to reading in the papers everyday were special to us. You know Brenda Starr, Dick Tracey or the Green Hornet serial type things. We identified with their needs, feelings and challenges.

MSJ: As an actor, I remember that most of the characters you played or created were rather off-the wall types. Is this because you feel more comfortable portraying those which needs more consideration or understanding? And as a cartoonist, does it influence the way you see and create your characters in a sketch or story?

CORREY: Yeah, I think so. After all, it’s important for an artist, poet or musician to allow people to be able to identify with whatever artistic representative you are expecting them to understand or accept. If my characters are of the “animal” world, it’s no mystery that they cry, feel, display tremendous emotion with pleased or even unhappy. Now, there no great difference there from human beings. Everything “living” has feelings which, of course, makes them special. This is why we have a passion for our pets or eager to take the kids to a zoo. There’s a wave of understanding between the two living forces. It’s amazing … it’s wonderful!

MSJ: Are you planning to give up acting or filmmaking?

CORREY: No, why should I. It all blends in. Everything such as acting, drawing or painting people or figures of importance or composing a new piece of music presents a magical level of power to what we are as human beings. It’s all related in such a harmonious way – each represents something different, but extraordinary. Like a symphonic work, together is something thunderously penetrating as well as significant. I would like my cartoons and sketches to be simple but also subtly field with pebbles of wisdom. MY “CORIONO GANG” is very special to me.