UNITED STATES—The Vine app is about to be deleted from users’ lives forever.

In a post on Medium Thursday, Team Vine and Twitter announced that Vine will be “discontinued” in the upcoming months. The decision was made after Twitter, the parent company of the video app, decided to cut over 300 jobs.

In a study conducted by Pew Research Center in 2015, it was found that only 24 percent of teens used Vine, compared to 71 percent that used Facebook and 52 percent using Instagram. Vine was seen to be least used among American teens.

Despite the decline in Vine usage, some individuals have developed fame from the short-video app. Shawn Mendez, made his singing debut by posting six-second Vine videos. Since the announcement, fans have tweeted his old Vines to commemorate the singer and his accomplishments.

What will happen to all these noteworthy Vines? According to a statement on Medium, the website and app will stay active allowing users to watch previously created Vine videos giving them the opportunity to download their favorite ones before “things begin to change.”

Famous Viners have spoken about the decision to discontinue the app. In a post on his account, Viner Marcus Johns compared the app to the Mickey Mouse Club. He stated that Vine is “a place where young talent discovered their own talent and the world [discovered] them at the same time.”

The app’s announcement on Medium included a thank you to all of these creators who took a chance on the app and used it since the beginning. According to Johns, these Viners did it “for the art.”