UNITED STATES—Well America, a new crisis is beginning to attack the country as the Ebola outbreak has made its way into the states.  It was recently reported that a man from Texas has contracted the deadly virus that has originated in West Africa, but is spreading in numbers to other regions.

The big concern many Americans have is what the United States government is doing to contain the virus from breaking out here in the states. Well not much, depending on those you ask.

President Barack Obama has not made an official announcement on what officials are doing to prevent the deadly disease from making its way into our country. We know the gentlemen who lied to officials on his flight back toTexas from Liberia about not being in contact with anyone who had contracted the deadly disease.

This is a sign of pure disregard for human health. Why would he not inform officials that he had been in contact with someone exposed to the virus? He has not heightened the risk of people surrounding him of contracting the virus.

That is the problem with any virus; if its not contained it will slowly, but surely spread to gargantuan proportions that will be difficult to eradicate. It has become apparent that modern medicine is finding a way to cure those who may have been infected with the virus, but it’s no sure thing at the moment. The idea of having to quarantine every single individual exposed to Ebola is quite frightening. Have you ever seen the movie “Outbreak” which examined an epidemic that ravaged the nation?

Think of those proportions, but on a global scale where people freak out, panic and begin to use violence as a source of survival. Yes, the country is not prepared for such a thing. Why? America hasn’t seen such an issue arise like that in the past century or so. We wouldn’t know how to respond to the crisis.

Many are already speculating that the virus which has for the most part remained in parts of West Africa is indeed reaching other parts of the globe. Just this week news broke of a nurse in Spain contracting the Ebola virus outside of the country, and now reports are stating that parts of France andEngland could be next.

With international travel at an all-time high, it becomes almost impossible for health professionals and the CDC to monitor those infected and to prevent them from spreading the virus to unsuspecting parities. I’d hate to say this, but it’s like we need to hold a temporary ban on individuals entering that region of the country where the Ebola virus is reaching a fever pitch.

I mean what are we doing as a nation to ensure that the American people don’t become exposed to a disease that is ravaging another part of the country before it’s too late? Not only is it an issue of identifying symptoms, it’s important to make it known to those who are aware that they may have been exposed or at risk not to put the health of those who have not been exposed in jeopardy.