UNITED STATES—Possible Presidential candidate for 2016, Hillary Clinton has been under fire recently for using a private email while she was employed as the Secretary of State, something that has been deemed illegal by many.

I think this is just the ammunition that the Republican Party was hoping to gain to discredit the politician who is likely a front-runner on the Democratic ticket for 2016, but if she doesn’t address the issue at hand, it creates further controversy.

She admitted during a press conference on Tuesday, March 10, that she opted to carry one device for her personal email and position. She indicated that the vast majority of her emails went to government officials at their government email addresses and were stored.

She noted after leaving the position she provided all emails that were work related, 55,000 print papers. She did not seem too concerned about the issue at hand, and she noted that she did not keep any of her private emails during her tenure. She wanted to ensure her public emails were not made public. She acknowledged that she asked for the department to unleash her public emails for the rest of America to see all of her work during the time frame.

Her acknowledgement that she made a mistake shows a lot of professionalism. I thought it takes lots of guts to admit that you are indeed wrong and I personally I don’t believe she didn’t anything too wrong in nature that had a detrimental impact on the American government. Clinton even noted that she was not the first individual to do such a thing, as John Kerry had also done the same thing.

The issue at hand raises the question of how private your emails are? Anytime we press a send button, we have no idea if work related emails we send to other colleagues will eventually find themselves out in the open. It’s a very scary notion. I don’t think Clinton was attempting to hide anything. Just imagine having to go through over 60,000 emails. That is indeed a hefty load of emails to comb through. My email box is so huge right now, I have to decipher what to keep, what to delete and etc. It’s not a fun job at all to say the least.

If she had anything to hide, she would not have come out publicly to address the issue. I have reason believe this entire buzz about this ‘email scandal’ will not unearth something that is going to deter Clinton’s possible run at the presidency. It was a bit annoying to see countless reporters asking the same question over and over again about if she had any regrets, which she answered the first time before taking any questions at all.

Guess what she is a government official, I’m almost certain any email that she sent she is well aware is kept on file by the government. She wouldn’t delete something that is government related because the feds would still have the information on the server. I felt people were grasping at straws to get something that they wouldn’t be able to find.

It was interesting to have a bit of knowledge about how federal government works with those who they employ, especially on the email front. The press did their best to try to unnerve Mrs. Clinton, but she did not budge one bit. She stood her ground, and showed she didn’t break the law in any way.

A big question was raised regarding the factoid if it was a male who had did what Clinton did, would we be having the same conversation? I honestly don’t think we would, but then again I could be wrong. This just further initiates the theory in politics that men can get away with things that women can’t.

The big testament will come in the coming months if Clinton chooses to announce her candidacy for President of the United States in 2016. While many are almost certain she will rumors are surfacing that this potential email scandal could derail everything.