HOLLYWOOD—Well, we are indeed in the final stretch of “Big Brother 16” as the final three contestants were revealed this week on the CBS reality hit.  Derrick, the master manipulator and cop who has kept his true career a secret from the others is still pulling the strings. Along by his side is Cody, his fellow ‘Hitmen’ who has recently become a competition beast.

Cody has proven to be a bit more likable lately since Christine has left the compound, but he may still be in for a backlash from America for his actions in the house.  With two Head of Household competitions and three Power of Veto competitions under his belt, he could argue a strong case to the jury.

Perhaps, the most disappointing contestant this season has to be Victoria, who has gone blind the entire game. I’m sorry as a viewer, if I was in the house there is absolutely no way I would reward Victoria with any cash prize; even if she’s an easy win.  The powers that be need to catapult some new TWIST that would prevent a floater free game.  Unless punishments were implemented for those who fail to win, I do not see that happening under any circumstance.

I would argue that Derrick has played the perfect game, bringing his two biggest allies to the final three with him. He knows both would take him to the end, but, if Cody and Victoria compare notes which they likely will, I can see one of the fellow allies stabbing the other in the back. It’s apparent thatVictoria is an easy win for either candidate, but then again the jury could throw a curveball and award Victoria the money out of spite or the shear fact that she was nominated so many times and never got evicted.

Do I see that happening? Not likely, but so many past winners of the game of “BB” should have lost the top prize. A bitter jury can absolutely change a season that has been a borefest for many viewers.

It would have been nice to see Frankie and Derrick battle it out in the finals, but Frankie should have made a move the week that he was in power to shake the power dynamics, even if the rewind had no impact. That was his fatal mistake as his ally Caleb stabbed him in the back. Too bad Caleb didn’t realize he was about to be stabbed in the back by Derrick and Cody.

I will acknowledge while I’m not a huge fan of Frankie Grande, he was a competition beast this season and proved to be the houseguest to beat if he had made it to the finals. At this point the drive to become the final HOH will be a testament of will power. If Victoria is serious about winning the game, she must make a major push for a victory now. Her best chance might be the upcoming endurance challenge.  Her biggest competitor would be Cody, but I’d say all three have an equal shot.  Round two would be the tricky one as it involves skill. If it’s between Derrick and Cody, I think Derrick might edge out the win. Round three would be crucial. I don’t think any of the surviving houseguest have a good read on all the jury members except for Derrick. Victoria and Cody virtually alienated Donny and Jocasta and knowing your houseguests is critical to win this round.

So who takes who to the finals? Victoria is starting to suspect Derrick is unbeatable, Cody is already aware that Victoria is an easy win. I suspect Derrick might be dealt a fatal blow considering how close in the game he truly is. If Derrick and Cody reach final 2, Derrick wins hands down. If its Victoria and Derrick, there is a slight possibility in a close race Victoria could take the prize, depends on how the jury looks at game play, strategy and relationships. Victoria didn’t have the best relationship with Donny, Jocasta, Zach or Christine. That could cost her dearly as that’s four votes she’d need to win.

I think it comes down to the answers to the jury questions and their final speech. Victoria is not the best speaker, but Derrick only has a short time to prove he was a mastermind working behind the scenes. If Derrick doesn’t win it will be a travesty, but guess what we’ve seen so many of these travesties time and time again in the game of “Big Brother.”  “Big Brother 16” airs its finale on Wednesday, September 24; don’t forget to vote for either Zach or Donny for America’s Favorite Player. I mean who else has a shot right?