HOLLYWOOD—The buzz for the superhero flick “The Flash” was quite big people. I remember when I heard early buzz about the movie months ago that it was one of the best superhero movies ever made. However, I have to call BS on that claim. Why? It is entertaining, but the movie does have flaws people. It is no perfect flick, but it is not terrible either. With that said, Ezra Miller is a star in this flick. He is hilarious as Barry Allen. He brings a charisma, charm, likeability and energy to this character that Miller makes his own.

It is unfortunate the actor’s chaos in real-life has mired the promotion of the movie and possibly turned off some moviegoers in the process because the guy can indeed act. For those who have been living under a rock or just have NO IDEA of who Barry Allen (Miller) is or what The Flash can do let me explain: he moves very fast, faster than you can imagine. The opening sequence is a dazzling spectacle with visuals that blew my mind. I was glued to that big screen watching all the mayhem and it was just a thrill-a-minute. Hell, we even have an appearance by Ben Affleck as the most current Batman aka Bruce Wayne, but I always felt Affleck was miscast in the role. He seemed so miserable portraying the character people. There is even a neat cameo in the beginning that I did not expect that was fun.

Here is the problem, after that opening sequence, there is a bit of a struggle for the movie to find its footing, but once it gets it’s foot on the gas it works. The focal point of Barry’s tale and his quest to prove his father’s innocence and rescue his mother who was murdered when he was a child is the heart of the movie. He travels back in time to change things, and that change has a ripple effect that changes the universe, the multi-verse to be exact.

I have seen time played with in the superhero arena several times with “Doctor Strange,” “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and recently in “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.” When you pay with time it can become very complicated and when it comes to cinema you have to make sure there is a linear approach that doesn’t confuse the audience. I have seen a movie play with time and do it right besides “Memento” and that was a suspense thriller, not a comic book flick.

When “The Flash” is focusing on Barry’s narrative it works with perfection. The moment it drifts into the world of Batman and Superman it becomes a bit funky and lackluster. Look, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the original Batman from my era in Michael Keaton. He was fun on the screen and it was almost like Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale did not exist in those roles. With that said, it became clear that Keaton’s Batman is a ripple from Barry’s decision to alter time and he’s been out of the game for a while, but when Barry and his alter ego, a slightly younger Barry ask for his help, he signs up.

Yeah, I forget to mention, Miller takes on dual roles and he does it exceptionally well, where the two Barry’s, the one from the present and the one from the past feel like different characters. That dynamic they have is beyond exceptional, but then we get introduced into the female version of Superman portrayed by Sashe Calle who is solid in the role. However, I did not care about the character that much. Had nothing to do with the acting, I was just more invested in Barry’s narrative.

Perhaps the weakest thing of the flick has to be the villain. With any movie you have to have a protagonist and antagonist who are on equal footing. General Zod (Michael Shannon) is not a good villain. No shade to Shannon who is a fine actor, the character is just boring and doesn’t ooze threat in a way that makes the viewer invested. I didn’t fear this guy, I was laughing at him. I didn’t’ think he was a solid villain in the Superman movies and he’s not one here either. If he was tossed and an actual villain from The Flash universe had been introduced into the melee, this flick would have excelled 10 times higher for me.

With that digression, the big climax/third act works well and the ending of the film is absolutely genius with a cameo that leaves your head scratching for good reason. However, it makes one wonder if that will carry on with a potential sequel. Why? The flick which cost quite a bit for Warner Bros. was not the box-office success that it was expected and the studio is facing a major loss people.

With that said, I can see a recast of Barry Allen, possibly Grant Gustin of the TV series tackling the role or another actor all together. If you’re a fan of the character and the comic book, “The Flash” will be a good time. If you’re not, you’ll still be entertained, but it may not be at the top of the list of superhero flicks you have seen.