POINT OF VIEW—It’s Wednesday, August 18. The Taliban is overtaking Afghanistan while U.S. Troops are evacuating U.S. citizens and Afghan interpreters from Kabul.

There is speculation on where acting President Biden is. It’s been said by many sources including, “Overwatch,” that Biden is either hiding in the basement of his own home, or at Camp David, which are both in No Fly Zones (NFZs). His Vice President, California’s former Senator, Kamala Harris is preparing to fly out to Vietnam.

Many are wishing for Trump to come back as Commander In Chief and take charge.

If one were to believe that the happenings in the last few years are more than a coincidence, that person would be said to be subscribing to conspiracy theories.

Perhaps it was a coincidence that the word impeachment was being used with Donald J. Trump’s name on it the moment he made the famous escalator ride with the beautiful Melania to announce his nomination to run for the 45th President of the United States.

It couldn’t have been a distraction when a businessman not in politics came into office to uncover some uncomfortable truths that suddenly we are talking about Trump colluding with Russia.

This could not have been because he was getting too close to the Clinton Foundation, uncovering lost emails that no one has ever been tried for.

There had to be a quid pro quo, or perhaps a second impeachment attempt was in order in this short 4 years.

Just when the names were going to come out about who was guilty of being on Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island, Epstein conveniently commits suicide, or does he?

Wait a minute? Are we not concerned about all the girls that were abused and trafficked? Where are they? Aren’t we rescuing these people?

Why is Ghislaine Maxwell permitted to leave her nasty disgusting prison cell to work in the prison library on her case for 13 hours a day when she is refusing to flush her own toilet?

Any other prisoner would be forced to live in their own filth, or clean it up, with armed guards ensuring it’s done correctly.

Democrats in Congress are permitted to pass laws for mail-in ballots and absentee ballots just in time for Trump to win his second term.

The Influence Of Bill Gates

The coronavirus has conveniently left a lab in Wuhan, China where Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Debra Birx of the Coronavirus task force team, served on the same board at the National Institute of Health. The student who left the lab for Washington State just so happened to be infected with COVID bringing it into the United States.

Now, as we all stand in line at the store 6 feet apart and slip our masks on before we walk into a building, one has to wonder if perhaps somewhere Bill Gates is sitting back laughing at the way he got humans to do the same thing he taught his rats to do back in the days at the lab.