UNITED STATES—When it comes to breakfast there are many options to choose from. You can go the cold route with a bowl of cereal or the hot route with a bowl of oatmeal. There are many options to choose from for both, but I’m a lover of something warm in the morning. Preferably, I’ve become an egg person in the past year. I used to hate eggs with a passion.

Primarily because they used to have a slimy taste to me, what I have come to appreciate is the fact that eggs are quite versatile depending on what you choose to do with them. I prefer my eggs either scrambled or via omelet. If I am eating scrambled eggs I must have cheese. Does it matter what cheese, not really, but I do prefer American.  I just love cheesy eggs over plain eggs any day.  I must admit I’m a sucker for not seasoning my eggs; I just crack them and I mix together with my cheese and they go into the skillet.

Now when it comes to an omelet, the playing field is wide open.  I might choose to go veggie, I meant choose to go meaty or I might choose to do both.  I’ve been known to make a killer omelet with shredded carrots; I’ve also utilized red bell peppers in my omelet. If I go veggie it tends to be one solid veggie. I’m also a fan of a spinach omelet, but I will admit I do add a bit of cheese to any omelet I make. Let’s just face it; cheese makes everything taste just a bit better.

When it comes to a meat omelet, its pork sausage, bacon or chorizo that I utilize. For those unfamiliar with chorizo, it’s a Mexican sausage that provides a bit of heat. If you’re lucky to get your hands on Spanish chorizo that is even better. Trust me; you’ll never use any other sort of sausage once you try it.  When it comes to using meat its best to crumble the meat into small pieces.

It just spreads a bit evenly in your omelet.  Now, let’s discuss those cheeses that you can use. You have American; you have mozzarella, Colby, Swiss, Fontina, and Manchego, to name a few of my favorites. When it comes to Fontina and Manchego, one is a bit creamy in texture (Fontina), while (Manchego) has a sharper taste, but melts just as well if you ask me.

You might ask me how I choose to top off my egg-mazing breakfast, well with pita bread. I like a flatbread sandwich, but the goal is to try to keep it as lean as possible. Utilize wheat pita bread when you can. It has the same texture as white pita bread, and let’s face it; it’s healthier at the same time. While eggs might not be apart of your morning routine. One thing you should remember is eggs might be the quickest thing you can cook when you want something quick in the morning.