UNITED STATES—Headings are a crucial part of writing as it gives the written piece identity and direction. A good heading can go a long way in catching the attention of the reader therefore the writer should be artistic and decide which approach to take.  College essays for sale at EssayZoo provide writers with essay examples showcaing the benefits of essay writing services.

This is the first stage of heading s that is commonly referred to as the main topic. Creating a hierarchy for the paper in important designing a structure for the paper. Certain considerations make for you to write a compelling first heading. This is the section that a reader gets introduced to your work therefore you should offer them a reason to read through the entire essay. The heading should try to summarize the entire passage but homework writing service advices against overdoing the heading.

  • Second heading

The number of headings one uses depends on the structure that the work calls for. This is considered a lesser heading to the main that’s why they are referred to as subheadings. A subheading is in charge of introducing a paragraph and divide the paper into their distinct sections. The essay might require its topic to be discussed where each issue is assigned its paragraph in the body. In this case, the second headings will be used to tell the reader what to expect in the body. Professional resume writing service, recommends keeping the heading simple and straight to the point will help in improving the essay.

  • Third heading

This is the third –level heading that acts as a run-in to the paragraph they introduce. Essay writing service gives the following guidelines when formatting the third heading in Microsoft Word.

  1. Make the first letters at the beginning of a sentence caps and all proper nouns.
  2. You can use bold to highlight the third heading.
  • The third level paragraphs can either be indented or on the left depending on the preference of the writer.
  1. Use the standard spacing of the paragraphs in this level.
  2. Avoid using outlining apparatus such as “A.” or “B.” or “1.” or “2.”

Online essay writing service note that most of the students fail to take advantage of headings in getting to structure their work. You should follow the above guidelines to ensure that the third level is well-identified for the reader to be able to follow.

  • Fourth heading

The fourth headings are located inside the third-level heading. To make the heading presentable, the headings can be in bold and indented once from the left margin of the paper. For capitalization, the first letters should be in caps and all proper nouns. The heading should follow the same approach as the others in that it acts as a summary of what the following paragraph will get to discuss.

  • Fifth heading

This is the final level of headings which caters to any additional information that needs to be separated by using writing services online. The heading is however not immune to the normal regulations such as; ensuring that the heading is double spaced, the heading should not be labeled with numbers or letters and avoiding having blank lines above and below the heading. Some websites can help a writer with the recommended formatting of the headings. For the fifth heading, it should be in bold or italics and indented with the following paragraph beginning in the same line as the heading. Using an essay writing service can improve your essay writing skills by efficiently utilizing headings. Also, they enable you to avoid common mistakes people make when they are using headings such as:

  1. Skipping heading levels.

The essay should have a sense of uniformity which is achieved by following the heading levels. A common mistake is to skip the levels, for instance, going from level 2 to level four which is unacceptable.

  1. Using heading 1 in other parts.

Heading 1 is intended to represent the whole essay, therefore, using it in other sections of the essay is considered a mistake by essay help service.

  1. Using a text instead of a heading.

A heading is much more than a formatted text and therefor visual appearance. A text that is in bold, italics, underlined or colored does not pass off as a heading, rather a heading should be a combination of texts that summarize the essay. In the event a writer needs to use one text as a heading, they should ensure that it is specific.


Writing an essay is an art and writers need to understand the types of essays to be able to properly utilize headings. The types of essays include narrative, descriptive persuasive and expository essays with each one of them requiring a different approach and formatting. Being able to understand this will make you a great essay writer. Some essay writing services can write a paper for cheap on busy periods of the semester to encourage students to use their services.