HOLLYWOOD—It was indeed an interesting weekend at the box-office to say the least America. If you were to ask me last week who would be victorious hands down I would have argued Tom Cruise and “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” Boy, was I ever so wrong. Why? A B-movie managed to tantalize the box-office and in a major way as a movie about a massive shark, “The Meg” stunned moviegoers with an impressive $45 million haul.

Yes, that just happened people and I shouldn’t be too surprised. August is known for being that month where surprises happen all the time. Remember in 2007 when Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” remake stunned audiences with a nearly $30 million plus haul going into the Labor Day holiday weekend? Yeah, “The Meg,” starring Jason Statham gave audiences exactly what they expected in a movie so silly, but so entertaining, audiences were eating it up. I’m driven to say “The Meg” is likely the winner at the box-office next week as well, so don’t expect “Crazy Rich Asians” to come out on top.

Dropping to second place was “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” adding another $20 million to its tally to bring its domestic tally to over $160 million. I think it’s a safe bet to argue that Tom Cruise and company will hit $200 million domestically before leaving theaters and a seventh installment in the franchise should be expected in the near future. Nabbing third place was the Disney flick “Christopher Robin” with $12.4 million. The film has already amounted $50 million domestically.

The horror flick “Slender Man” debuted in fourth place with $11 million, and Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman” debuted to a meek $10.8 million. With no major release this week besides “Crazy Rich Asians,” it’s no certainty rather “The Meg” will continue to tantalize moviegoers.