HELLO AMERICA!—Jane Clements had a dream, first as a child, then a life-long dream that she would travel the world with a special power that was unquestionable and would help a lot of people. She has been doing exactly that since 2009, volunteering as filmmaker for the FireBurnDoctor team who are trained in an advanced Science and Technology that takes care of the effects of burns in the first minutes.

So far there have been 1300 cases from 56 countries worldwide and all 50 US states – pain is gone in minutes, burn is erased in hours! Jane has produced several documentaries and PSAs about this and other applications of the technology, learning from and working with some of Hollywood’s esteemed artists and professionals, such as Bill Meurer, Howard Wexler, Chuck Loch and many others.

In 2014 Jane produced “RUSH,” the documentary, shocking, extraordinary REMOTE DOING which won an Angel Award at the 2014 Monaco International Film Festival! And in 2015 her new factual screenplay, Bewildered, won Best Humanitarian Angel Award. Jane Clements, filmmaker/producer Jane’s goals for 2016 are 1) Global exposure of the film — All true events,

“RUSH” tells the story of a breakthrough health, life and earth-saving technology, abilities that we have now. If you can dream it, you can do it. 2) To STOP the horrible suffering and lifelong damage caused by burns by getting the Amazing FireBurn Doctor story on TV. We can do it. We have the PROOF.

She asks, “Who do you know in TV, local or global… TV executives, producers, anyone? Give them the link to RUSH and the website and number for Free Instant Burn Recovery.

TV knows what to do with a ratings-busting story.” Then as the Burn Eradication Project Protocol explains with training “we could rapidly attain full-spectrum coverage of the whole human population and, thus, save millions of people from death, from unnecessary suffering, from permanent disability and from devastating traumatic disfigurement.”

RUSH: http://youtu.be/9rZbjJze3wg www.FireBurnDoctor.com 1-818-332-6445.