HOLLYWOOD—Just like any other movie lover, I’m an avid fan of a great action-flick. Who would have guessed that Netflix would deliver perhaps one of the best action-flicks I have witnessed in quite some time people in “The Mother.” The thriller stars Jennifer Lopez as an assassin who gives up her daughter to protect her from two dangerous arms dealers Adrian Lovell (Joseph Fiennes) and Hector Alvarez (Gael Barcia Bernal) who is hell-bent on revenge. The flick opens with a fantastic sequence involving ‘The Mother,’ yes; the writers don’t even give Jennifer Lopez’s character a name.

Not sure if that was intentional or purposeful to continue the secrecy of this woman. After a near fatal stabbing while pregnant, The Mother is forced to give up her parental rights to her daughter, Zoe (Lucy Paez) to protect her from Hector and Adrian. That motif is something that I think any person, mother or father could identify with; giving up your child to ensure their safety, not knowing when or if you’d ever see them again. As a result of the situation, our protagonist goes into hiding in the Alaska wilderness where she meets up with a former pal, Jons (Paul Raci) who is well aware of the situation The Mother has been placed into.

That soon changes when she discovers that Zoe may have been pegged by Alvarez’s men in Mexico and her daughter is in danger. Agent William Cruise (Omari Hardwick), who was injured while trying to protect The Mother, assists the assassin on her mission to rescue her daughter who has been abducted. It is a role audiences have seen Lopez in before, but with this flick it feels different. There is an intensity and nuance to the action and character that makes her not only memorable, but fun to watch on the screen.

This movie shines bright with these high-octane, well-choreographed action sequences and stunts that just immediately grab your attention and you will not flinch while watching. They are that intense and fascinating to watch. “The Mother” is highlighted as an action-thriller and that is exactly what the audience gets from start to its fantastic finish. There are indeed a few interesting twists in the flick as well that as a viewer I didn’t expect that adds another complicated layer to the narrative that raises the stakes.

Paez is great in the role of a kid who has her life upended and has no idea as to why, but her character is perceptive and alert of the things happening around her. The chemistry between Lopez and Paez on the screen is realistic. You believe their portrayal as mother and daughter. There is a nice slice between, action, drama and heart, as we witness Zoe struggled to accept The Mother as her protector and they attempt to forge a relationship of sorts while our heroine teaches the child to protect herself at all costs, utilizing the wilderness as a training ground.

Paul Raci is solid in a supporting role as a former friend and ally of our protagonist who aims to help keep her hidden from those baddies out for blood. Fiennes is sensational in the role of the villain who has a score to settle and will go to extreme lengths to ensure he gets his pound of flesh. The big climax of the flick is so enthralling you cannot take your eyes off the action and the chaos that unfolds as hero goes toe-to-toe with villain(s) to ensure her daughter’s protection. Not to mention it takes place in a setting that is unique and not something I can recall ever seeing in cinema, the snowy weather.

I know most people witnessed this flick at home, but Netflix should have really pushed for it to be in theaters. It is that entertaining and fun to watch that the action would have exploded even bigger on the big screen. It is simply put 2 hours of pure entertainment, which is what all of us want when it comes to having a break from the real world. Do not wait to watch “The Mother” go see it right now, you will not regret it.