UNITED STATES—For the past few weeks, all people could talk about were the 2016 Rio Olympics with positive outcomes. Well, it looks like the big talk of the 2016 Rio Olympics is that of several members of the United States swim team including gold medalist Ryan Lochte. Nearly 2 weeks ago it was reported on numerous outlets that Lochte and several of his team members were robbed in Rio.

Upon first hearing the news it was slightly stunning, but as the story began to unfold more and more inconsistencies rose to the surface. First, no police report was ever taken, and police had no record of any such robbery taking place. Then the video footage surfaced of Ryan and several of his teammates at a gas station after they had a bit too much to drink. The footage would prove damning as it revealed that significant damage was done to a restroom at the location and Lochte and his teammates ‘paid’ off the appropriate persons to cover up for the melee.

And then the firestorm ignited in the past few days as it became a realization that what Lochte and his teammates reported was ‘embellished’ to a degree if that’s even possible. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I mean who in their right mind would weave such a lucid tale and not expect the truth to come out. It’s one thing to tell a lie, but to over exaggerate about being robbed with a gun pointed to your head is just a bit much. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been robbed, with a gun pointed to his head, it’s no laughing matter in my opinion. Victims or survivors of armed robberies are often taken to a dark place, especially for those of us who had the strongest inkling that the final moments of our lives would be at the hands of a masked or armed gunman.

Lochte has profusely apologized now that the jig is up, even having a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer that did not seem sincere or contrite one single bit. It was almost as he did the interview in an attempt to save face. Too bad Ryan you’ve already tarnished the name of the United States because of this incident, as well as swimmers who may come behind you not to mention your reputation as well.

He’s lost major sponsors like Ralph Lauren and Speedo in the midst of this scandal, which I’m certain, will impact his ability to compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. While the Olympic swimmer is hoping otherwise, I don’t see him scathing through this scandal without being forced to face some repercussions for his actions.

What baffles me the most is the allusion that has manifested in his mind that he ‘embellished’ or ‘exaggerated’ his tale a bit. Ryan you lied, plain and simple. You tried to cover up the fact that you and your teammates had a bit too much to drink and did some stupid things and it was captured on camera. Own it, own what you did and stop doing your best to sprinkle a bit of deflection on the issue at hand. Wrong is wrong; you can’t simply cover it up with an “I’m sorry” and I’ll never do it again speech. There are some things that can be forgiven, but this one has totally placed a black eye on the United States, where other countries will now from this point forward question the athletes from the United States who participate in future Olympic Games in various countries throughout the world.

It is so sad to discover that the United States who was receiving so much positive glory during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games has had all that momentum halted because of this scandal that unfolded at the hands of Lochte and his teammates which is the only thing people can talk about right now. It’s a shame that such a scandal will be talked about for the rest of history people!