HOLLYWOOD—Confirmation was given last week on “The Oval” that the son of Hunter and Victoria Franklin, Jason is a sociopath. How so? He blatantly admitted to killing three people and was on the cusp of killing a fourth if he had his way with his mother.  This week’s episode, ‘A Stranger at Home’ witnessed Jason confessing to murdering his grandmother, aka Victoria’s mother.

Jason’s rage erupted and confronted his parents about his antics, before he admitted to choking Maude to death. Victoria was in absolute disbelief about her sons’ wicked actions. It became apparent that Jason witnessed all the craziness that Hunter indulged in, as well as Victoria’s escapades with Sam and Max. Jason blamed his parents for his actions.

Here we go with the parents didn’t give me any love tale and it was the reason he turned to murder. Victoria made it clear Jason would be committed or he would be headed to prison. Hunter made it clear that Jason needed serious help. Hunter wanted to get his son help, while Victoria wanted him locked away. Her actions forced Jason to snap who attempted to choke his mother again. It became clear to Victoria her son needed serious help, while Hunter wanted Donald and Kyle to clean up another mess.

Barry warned his mother that Richard needed a bit of space and her smothering might make the issue worse. Like father like son people, because Barry’s tongue is just as wicked. Donald was taken aback finding another body inside The White House. Hunter spilled the news to Kyle and Max that it was Jason who murdered Denise, Jean and Victoria’s mother. Hunter started to chat with Donald about his parenting skills.

Donald admitted that moving Jason to another region of The White House where he can be watched and ensure no further actions transpire was the safest bet. Looks like Donald is about to pull strings to make a major problem disappear. This guy is proving to be more a fixer than even Diane people. It looks like a new face is about to work at the pharmacy with Kareem and Sharon by the name of Dale.

Lilly is indeed moving forward with her plans to infiltrate The White House to get the information needed to bring the organization down to its knees. Bobby questioned Max’s backstory, where he remained coy about sharing too much. Max did admit that he and his wife was on the verge of getting a divorce and this story leak is about to cause all sorts of drama in his personal life.

Priscilla learned there was an issue with her clearance and it looks like Sam might be responsible for the matter, just as Richard came back to work. Sam was concerned about his wife causing harm to the First Lady. Looks like Richard was getting his flirt on with another maid in at one of the most powerful places in the United States. Richard made the moves and it was clear he wanted to get back at his wife.

Looks like Dale, the new pharmacy worker was attracted to Kareem and Sharon gave him a bit of a tough time, but acknowledged she was just joking with him. He shared a bit about his past, and shared knowledge about the Rakudushi cult where Ruth is a member of and where Barry’s daughter is being held against her will. Who would have guessed that Dale would be the guy who helped them locate Barry’s daughter. Sam continued to check up on Priscilla who was not happy her husband was watching her every move.

Priscilla was further alerted that Jean is MIA, just as Priscilla wanted to gain access to Jason’s bedroom. Frieda reported details about Jean that not everyone should be attuned to. Freida was warned by Priscilla to not pursue anything with Richard. Looks like Ellie and Alan have a verbal and abusive relationship. He is possessive and controlling, as he demanded she unlock her phone and he saw graphic pictures that he was not a fan of. He delivered disparaging words to her that resulted in her slapping him as she issued threats.

Hunter was caught doing the most by Victoria in the bathroom. This has to be the most embarrassing administration ever on TV people. Hunter and Victoria were rattled to find Jason snooping in their bathroom. Yeah, the kid needs some serious help people. Victoria is wicked to the core, she dismissed and treated her son like he doesn’t exist. It was cruel and vicious to say the least.

Oh this is getting good, Priscilla snuck into Jason’s room and started digging, but she did not find anything until she snooped under the bed to only be confronted by Jason. This should be interesting, as next week’s episode looks even more chaotic American. Until next week “Oval” fanatics!