HOLLYWOOD—Is Victoria Franklin dead? That is the mystery fans were left with on last week’s episode of “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Adjust and Adapt’ picked up with that ‘shocking’ moment as Kareem and Antonio panicked, just as Donald entered the fray. Hunter got a treat of watching the video and seeing Victoria out cold on the floor.

Aaron was a bit concerned about Victoria and had to convince Hunter to get her medical treatment. Looks like the Ice Queen is still very much alive and out for blood. Allan, Tyler Perry please give this character a bit more depth because he is the same character every single week. Angry at the world, I cannot recall the last time Allan was happy, and if he was it had to be seasons ago. He ripped into Dale who just wanted to call him regarding the situation involving Kyle.

Max was fishing a bit for information from Eli about secrets he might be keeping. Eli gave nothing verbally, but his behavior said otherwise as it was clear he was concerned about video inside The Oval. You know what, Tyler Perry can knock off the characters of Richard, Nancy, and Allan. They are useless and provide nothing when it comes to the narrative of the show. Priscilla decided to play along with Hunter’s plan, but she plans to have her Ace up her sleeve.

Hunter’s flirting is hilarious, even to the point that Priscilla chuckled in the process. He divulged that he planned to visit Victoria before revealing all the details of his plan. He did something greater by telling her she could record EVERYTHING, and it left her stunned at the revelation. Why is Donald still moving about like he is the Chief of Staff, when he is not? So, it looks like this is victorious plan all along to get out of the bunker, as Victoria was still eager to nail Hunter.

So, Victoria has been drugging Hunter to prevent him from using his legs. Wow, this is just crazy. Victoria, Donald is NOT going to be able to drug Hunter’s food because Agent Aaron is checking everything, and he’s weeding out the bad apples. Sam had a conversation with Nina, a journalist about a story that could blow the roof off things but was interrupted by Nancy who was driving to an unknown location with money. Nancy’s dumb self was adamant about going to this address, but Sam warned her NOT to do it, but Nancy being Nancy is not going to follow instructions.

Bobby and Simone arrived at their secret location as he became worried, just then he came face-to-face with those agents he previously met. The audience has already known this, but now Bobby is being clued in on an elaborate situation that has been in the works for quite some time. I feel the end game for Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” might be nearing. Simone introduced Bobby to her team and everything they have been working on for months. Looks like Simone has been keeping secrets from her team. They were stunned to learn Eli was having an affair with The First Lady.

Simone started to realize taking down Eli might mean she goes down with the ship as well. Dale’s pimp threatened Kyle, as Dale listened on the other end. Murder was at a top of this guy’s game, and it appears Dale was a major money maker and Kyle is about to be Dale’s savior, which I never expected. Kyle confirmed to Dale that his pimp murdered his parents, and that was a brutal way to learn that your parents are dead. Kyle is wickedly manipulative and the moment as a viewer when you want to root for Kyle you recall why he makes your skin crawl; he is sleazy.

Donald’s entry rattled Kyle, as questions were posed. Nancy truly has to be the biggest idiot in the world. First you go to the cult after being told not to. Then you arrive at this abandoned location after Sam explicitly warned you NOT to go to. She is accosted by some strange guy, who takes the bit of money she has and then she still goes into this building. I can’t recall being more frustrated with a character in my life than with what I’ve seen with Nancy in recent seasons. At least next week we discover that Sam comes to Nancy’s aide, until then “The Oval” fanatics!