HOLLYWOOD—So Donald had all that talking and gloating, but with Bobby holding that gun to his foe’s face, what would happen next on “The Oval?” This week’s episode, ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ witnessed Lily grapple with the threat that Donald made against her loved ones if she chose to leave him. Lily was not convincing Bobby what Donald has been up to. She seemed to be speaking in code, but rather Bobby was picking up on it I was not 100 percent sure people. I swear I cannot wait to see that smirk wiped clean off Donald’s face sooner than later. Donald didn’t like that Bobby and Lily had a secret involving ‘Virginia’ that he knows nothing about it.

Jason tried to convince Sam and Richard that he was not guilty of murdering Jean and Denise, but they saw the video already Jason. Sam dropped to Jason that his mother, Victoria tried to murder him, which rattled him to the core. Sam alerted his ally that the Vice President might not be trustworthy. Alonzo tagged along with Victoria who was worried where Sam was. Sorry Victoria, it looks like you’re not pulling the strings with Sam anymore, he doesn’t TRUST you.

Victoria is no idiot, she could sense that Alonzo was with Hunter, but Alonzo is indeed keeping secrets. Kyle didn’t like being bossed around, but when Victoria barks people follow. This is the only time I love Victoria when she whips people like Kyle and Donald in place. Yeah, Kyle Victoria knows your little secret dalliance with Donald. Victoria dropped some major tea on Kyle to present his cover, and she forced him to acknowledge that him and Donald must be subtle or everything else blows up.

Max discovered from Bobby that things did not go well with Lily. Bobby was convinced that Donald has something on Lily, and DING, DING, you hit the nail right on the money! Bobby and Max cooked up a plan to utilize Hunter to bring down the corrupt organization. Yeah, Sharon is not willing to go with that plan, but then again, it could be what is needed to bring Hunter, Victoria, Donald, Kyle and all the others down once and for all.

Sharon and Nancy were concerned about Barry’s whereabouts, as he has gone MIA and I don’t think it’s a game people. Hmm, Sam seems to know that Priscilla is holding secrets. Priscilla knows something is NOT right with Donald and she does not trust him one single bit and when she tosses a bit of truth in Sam’s face he doesn’t like to hear it. Donald was a bit surprised to see Kyle with Victoria as she dropped barbs about his decorating skills. Victoria forced Donald to watch some videos, while having a conversation with Lily where she learned she was shot. This was hilarious because it became apparent that Lily was not about to jump for Victoria and neither was anyone else.

Donald was a bit stunned with the information that Victoria has gathered and she made it clear to Donald that he cannot rattle Bobby or Max. You all still don’t realize JASON is very much alive. Lily and Kyle had a conversation where he was not pleased to learn that Lily is back in Donald’s life as a permanent staple. The final moments of the episode, saw Allan and Dale still arguing about their predicament, before they got accosted by Kyle.

It looks like things may get interesting next week, when Kareem gets firepower, Sharon gets clued in on a plan, and Donald realizes Hunter is NOT one to toy with. Until next week “The Oval” die-hards!