HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s season two premiere of “The Oval” was a lot of fun, so it’s time to keep track of all the mayhem that is unfolding from each week. Jason is indeed dangerous people as he strangled his grandmother, putting her out of her misery at least that is what the audience was made to believe. I mean did he really just kill his grandmother? This guy I’m certain killed 3 people already (his father’s mistress, the maid and now his grandmother people), at least it seems that way for Maude.

Kyle it is not good to disclose your secret relationship with Donald right in front of the President of the United States. Hunter was livid, and he made it clear that if he goes down everyone else is going down with him. With Max very much alive, this changes everything people and not for the better. Donald you might be the Chief of Staff, but you’re not very good at your job because Max has already been moved buddy.

Richard was still livid with Nancy about her affair and he put the pieces to the puzzle together to realize that Picky was Nancy’s son, and the father might be his brother! This man was livid people, I mean enraged by his wife’s betrayal. Victoria wanted Sam to be her new Detail Leader, and he was taken aback by the request. I mean they did just have a tryst and got busted by his wife.

Back on that airplane, Gayle finally woke up and threw out the maid’s name Jean, who Jason had murdered. Gayle constantly talking about Jean only rattled Jason more, as Ellie was forced to deal with Allen who was concerned about rather his lover was cheating on him with the POTUS. Um, the answer is YES! Donald is a real tool people; I cannot wait to see his downfall transpire. Ellie was not afraid to call him out on his fake marriage.

Donald graveled to Diane who was NOT buying a single thing he was selling. Yeah, things are not looking good as Allen revealed that he is entangled with Ellie. Really, it was so apparent that you two were a couple. Donald confirmed for Allen that Ellie is not cheating on him with the POTUS, but she is. Bobby brought Max to the secret cabin where Lily started to ask questions about the situation. Bobby warned Diane that she was being followed unbeknownst to her she thought otherwise.

Sam was surprised to not hear about what transpired with Max and Uma and it was at the request of the Chief of Staff. Barry once again found himself behind bars and reached out to Sharon of all people for help with his latest predicament. He asked her about the money, which she knew nothing about. Yeah, that makes me think Kareem or someone else totally snowed Barry and Sharon without their knowledge.

Talk about being mad, Priscilla was livid and took all his clothes and was taking out the trash, as her emotional state was fragile. That was until Nancy stopped by to see her pal. I like this side of Priscilla people, just as Nancy didn’t want to chat about her current situation. Priscilla loaned Nancy the money to bury Picky. So Priscilla had no trouble offering her pal $25k to stick it to her hubby Sam for his cheating ways. Talk about vengeance people.

Kyle was aghast when he learned that Max had already been moved by Diane. When he alerted Donald, he was shaking in his boots, and out for revenge. Victoria had a conversation with Ellie about her plan to spin the story on the salacious allegations. Victoria issued demands, as Hunter interrupted to the conversation. Victoria threatened to call her father, just as she burst into Jason’s room and discovered Jean’s body under the bed. The episode culminated with Jason opening that window causing utter panic on the plane. Jason is in major trouble people, until next Tuesday “The Oval” loyalists.