HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of “The Oval” was quite fun to say the least. This week’s episode, ‘Political Junkie’ saw Max doing his best to talk some sense into Bobby to NOT make a move so quickly that could blow up in their face. Priscilla did her best to get information from Ms. Laura about Jean, whose name she whispered. Donald arrived home to find Lilly waiting for him. She asked Donald why he selected her, and she was crystal clear she was aware that he was gay and that he needed to admit it.

Donald was struggling accepting his sexuality, but Lilly made it crystal clear that there was nothing to work out regarding their marriage. Bobby had a gun pointed at Donald’s head ready to shoot, but Lilly found a way to get him to step down. That was dicey people. Nancy pried with Richard to find out what he was up to, but he refused to talk unless she gave him the name of Pinky’s father.

Barry and Sharon found themselves caught up in a feud that they wished they had not been a part of, but they had bigger issues to discuss. Sharon confirmed to Barry she was indeed pregnant and she was torn about rather she was ready to have a baby. Sharon cut deep with a few of her words that riled him up in the worst way. Jealousy reared its ugly head as Barry chatted about Kareem and it prompted her to pack up her things. Barry is indeed his father’s son being as disrespectful as possible to his mother and Sharon.

Nancy was worried about Sharon, who we all know is likely heading to Kareem’s place. Victoria decided to have a chat with Ellie to make it crystal clear she will NOT tolerate anyone messing around with her husband in front of her eyes. Looks like Jason is up to his antics again, this time focusing his energy on befriending Allan, but in the most uncomfortable way by exposing himself. Seriously, there is something wrong with Jason. The fact that Allan pulled out the hand sanitizer and forced him to use it on his hands was the laugh of the night that I needed.

Jason confessed his misery of being part of the White House administration. Who knew Allan was a political junkie? Jason admitted he does certain things to shock people. We’re learning more and more about Allan who is used to dealing with his special needs brother. Looks like Allan pushed a button with the reference of special needs that got under Jason’s skins. Priscilla confirmed to Nancy that Richard was planning to take Frida out on a date and it caused Nancy to see RED people.

Hunter put on the charm for Ellie, but their ‘moment’ was cut short when Victoria showed up unexpectedly. Victoria delivered some wicked spars that were hilarious to say the least people. Victoria spotted Jason inside her room and it became apparent she was afraid of her son and he called her bluff. Sam received a call from Victoria who noted she wanted to go for a run (to get away from Jason), but Sam noted it was after hours and he refused to cave into her demands, until he did. Looks like Victoria might have Sam wrapped around her fingers. At least he did call Priscilla and let her know about his newest mission.

Priscilla arrived at Jean’s place and found it trashed completely. It prompted her to call 9-1-1 to alert authorities of the impending danger. She alerted Greg of the situation involving Jean, as both were a panicked mess. Well this looks interesting, Dale and Sam are about to become buddies. Kyle was not in a good mood at the moment, but that soon changed after Dale noted he plan to go to a bar that it seemed Kyle frequented. Looks like Kyle was looking for a one-night stand.

Max was scoping out Kyle’s unit. He managed to break inside Kyle’s car and fond a few stuffed baby dolls. Not sure what that is about people. Kyle and Dale were getting drunk, very drunk people. Richard was busy having fun on his date, sharing a few laughs, but his refusal to tell the truth prevented Frida from taking any action and being a third wheel. The mood was really killed when Nancy showed up in a dress to kill and interrupted the date.

As I pointed out, Sharon showed up at Kareem’s place and was more than ready to offer his guest a cozy place to sleep and plenty of food. It was awkward to say the least, as the silence between the two spoke wonders I I’m being honest. Ok, what in the hell is Sharon doing demanding Kareem to take off his clothes. He obliged before deciding to sleep with him. Ok, this is wicked and damn crazy people. What a twist, Greg discovered Jean’s dead body in his bed. Greg was a mess, Priscilla warned him to get out of the apartment ASAP and to not touch a thing. Yeah, the first family is trying to frame Greg for a murder that Jason committed and this proves they are willing to do anything to keep their hands clean.

While using the bathroom Kyle found himself surprised to be attacked by Max and the two got into an epic brawl, just as Priscila stumbled upon GREG’S BODY in the bed next to Jean! You know what that means, someone was waiting a watching and they murdered Greg upon him discovering the body. OMG, this series just keeps getting better and better people. I cannot WAIT until next week “The Oval” fanatics!

Written By LaDale Anderson