HOLLYWOOD—Jason Franklin is here to ruffle plenty of feathers in the latest episode of “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Sound of Silence’ saw more antics erupt. Victoria was rattled like hell, and I love watching every moment of it. Donald really? Do you think Jason is that stupid to say where he is located? I just can’t stand Donald; he’s an annoying character. Victoria is starting to turn on Sam and I never thought I would see that after what unfolded with them.

Sam was warned by Richard to not pay a visit to Hunter because of his reckless behavior, even though Priscilla did her best to throw her husband under the bus. Hunter, do you honestly think Sam was sleeping with your wife when you stumbled into that bedroom after being unconscious? This is just stupid and silly writing. It is a waste of narrative time.

Richard was not pleased that Nancy showed up to The White House wanting to speak to her husband who was not wanting to hear a thing. Bobby halted Max from putting more of a beating on that cult member. He garnered information from that cult member about Jason’s whereabouts, and this is a face from Bobby’s past. Alonzo coerced Kareem to call his cousin so that Hunter could get the whereabouts of his location. Damn that is bold Kareem, setting up your own blood to save yourself. It seemed his cousin felt like a potential trap was being set up. Alonzo asked Kareem questions about a body, as it became apparent things might be unfolding related to Barry.

Victoria and Donald were trying to track where Jason’s phone call came from. Victoria called Donald out on his relationship with Kyle. Donald, please stop acting, everyone knows you’re into Kyle and you’re not straight. Donald turned things around and asked about her ‘relationship’ with Eli. Donald, you have things pegged, but Victoria is stone cold as an owl as she was giving him nothing to confirm or deny.

A lead on Jason was potent, but Victoria being Vicky pushed Allan’s buttons about Ellie. Oh, you are a cruel woman, and I cannot wait until you receive your comeuppance. What goes around comes around. Even Donald sees cruelty when he sees it, and dismissed Allan before he did something that could be bad. Allan called those FBI agents to inform them he would help them nail Victoria. Looks like Victoria might have pushed the wrong button, and he wants a bit of revenge, and he has the intel to take them out. Allan called Dale to halt him from spiraling about Kyle.

After nearly 50 minutes into the episode, Richard finally confronted Nancy about the situation involving her relationship with his father. She took some accountability on the matter, and questions arose yet again about Barry. Barry is dead, the audience saw the body and Kareem apparently chopped it up and disposed of it. If Barry is not dead, this is the craziest twist yet, just as Richard informed Nancy that his is not coming home. I am sick of these two, I’m over it!

During the final moments of the episode, Sam was caught by Donald up to no good. Wow, Priscilla learns from Simone that she is working with the FBI to take down Victoria Franklin, Sam and Donald are about to go to war and secrets are being revealed. Until next week, “The Oval” die-hards!