HOLLYWOOD—Well I guess I stuck my foot in my mouth with the impression that this week’s episode of “The Oval” would be the mid-season finale, but that is NOT the case. We still have plenty of drama in this third season. Maybe I should wait until I officially know the mid-season finale is coming before assuming. This week’s episode, ‘The Children’ picked up precisely where the Vice President left off listing that laundry list of grievances committed by this administration.

Per usual, Donald wanted to interject, as Victoria seemed to showcase her affection to Hunter as they threw darts at the VP. Really Victoria and Hunter, you think this is a coup, the walls are closing in on both of you because there are far more secrets that people know than you expect. Oh, Hunter and Victoria are brave in front of the Vice President and I cannot wait to see them scramble behind closed doors. Well, we finally get the name of the VP; it’s Eli, which angered him when Victoria issued a threat towards his children.

Bobby and Max arrived at Donald’s place hoping to rescue Lilly, and Bobby’s instincts were right; Lilly is in danger. While they were planning a sneak attack, they received a call from Eli asking them to return to The White House as he needs their protection. Bobby and Max made a play to get Sam to oversee the wellbeing of the VP. Thank YOU Bobby for going to check on Lilly who desperately needs you like NOWWWWWWWWW!

Kareem was happy to see Sharon show up at his place and she reassured him she’s doing her best to put on a brave face. Sharon and Dale had a conversation about Kyle, the POTUS and her kidnapping. Dale was stunned by the revelation. Dale tried to talk some sense into Sharon about keeping Kareem by her side for protection and he spilled more tea about Donald sleeping with Kyle.

Donald seems to be scrambling as he decided to contact Kyle to see what Lilly has spilled in terms of information. Gosh, I cannot want to see Kyle and Donald receive their comeuppance and looks like it is about to transpire sooner than later. Jason continued to prove that he can be a tool to say the least, just as Alonzo followed his every move. Jason continued to ask Victoria about Gail’s whereabouts, and she refused.

So at last, we get to meet the wife of the Vice President, who was taken aback when she discovered that the FLOTUS let it be known how she truly feels. Insulting, rude, dismissive, that is just a few of the things that define Victoria Franklin people. You’re trying a bit too hard Victoria and you’re sending all sorts of red flags to the Second Lady of The White House.

Richard tried to convince Priscilla to keep her emotions in check, and Richard constantly poking was not helping the situation. I love Priscilla; she puts people in check when they need it most. Eli alerted Sam of the situation at hand involving the POTUS and FLOTUS. Eli made it clear that Sam shouldn’t be coy, and he spilled that Bobby and Max are aligned with him to help take down the corrupt administration. So is Sam really with Eli or is he just putting on a front. Sam is with Eli, as he spilled the Chief of Staff is part of the corruption and that Jason is troubled beyond words.

Sam was concerned rather the evidence will stand in court, just as Eli was ready to spill the truth to the press, but Sam was concerned about his safety to say the least. Nancy received a call from Richard while she was at the grocery store. He alerted his wife that she needed to chat with Priscilla about the current predicament. Yeah, Nancy you stuck your foot in your mouth with that joke about ‘keeping a secret.’ Alonzo stopped by to see Allan and discovered that Ellie was murdered. Allan made it clear that he needs that gun as protection from The White House and Victoria Franklin.

Alonzo is such an idiot and has no idea of the danger that he is in. If he falls, so be it people. He deserves it. Back to Kyle taunting Lilly, who was barely breathing, as some laughs were traded, as Lilly begged for mercy, but Sam paid Donald a visit and alerted him of the situation at hand involving the President of the United States and how Kyle kidnapped a woman and brought her to meet Hunter! Donald tried to get information, but Sam refused to divulge and it looked like Donald was squirming a bit people.

Donald, Sam knows what you are up to, and it looks like the walls are closing in buddy and you’re in hot water. Donald don’t puff your chest if you’re not aware of the danger that could be headed in your direction. The chaos is really ramping up in this latest episode which means blood is about to be spilled people. Bobby and Max made moves to take out Donald’s people to rescue Lilly from Kyle.

Shots were fired and Kyle found himself in a dangerous spot. Well at least Lilly is safe people. Next week, things absolutely hit the fan as Eli spills all to the press and Donald is forced to have a conversation with Hunter that he doesn’t want to have. The bad are about to take a tumble, until next week “The Oval” fanatics!