HOLLYWOOD—I’m sorry I am still attempting to wrap my mind around that game changing twist from last week’s episode of “The Oval” where it was revealed that Victoria Franklin and the Vice President, Eli were actually sleeping together! Yeah, we saw them commit the deed in this week’s episode, ‘Wicked’ and I am still trying to figure out the endgame. They seem to be focused on money, and Hunter has NO IDEA what his wife is up to. Eli spilled tea that everyone is coming to his abode, and that Priscilla is a thorn in things.

Well, Eli it looks like Victoria’s reaction should tell you everything. When she heard about Sam being shot it sent her into a tizzy. She was concerned people and that told me everything that I needed to know. Sam has Victoria’s heart to a degree. How the hell have these two been sneaking around all these years and NO ONE has figured it out! That was some terrible acting people; anyone with a brain should be able to connect the dots on these two after how long they were in that room together.

So more chaos erupted as Hunter learned from the doctor, Victoria had Jason cremated and it stunned Hunter who was livid. The doctor explained a toxicology report was completed, but Hunter wanted to know EXACTLY what killed his son, little does he know Jason is very much alive and kicking people. What the hell are Max and Bobby literally arguing about? This is so pointless and stupid.

Allan and Dale were concerned about Kareem who has gone missing in action. Look, the yelling in this week’s episode is just pointless and annoying as hell. First Bobby and Max, now Allan and Dale and where is the narrative headed? Dale had to spill to Allan that he was gay and that Kyle is gay and so is Donald! Gosh, Allan you are such an idiot. Sharon, Nancy and Simone chatted a bit in the morning about their predicament which has all the women concerned as Richard was MIA. I love Simone, but the fact that she has no idea that Eli is playing her like a fiddle is boiling my blood.

However, at the same time I want to see how she will react when she discovers what Eli has been up to with Victoria of all people. Richard visited Sam and Priscilla at the hospital and a hospital break was underway people and thank God because Sam and Richard are smart, but putting their faith in Eli could be their potential downfall. Lily did her best to appease to Donald’s sensible side. It was nice for a moment to see a softer side of Donald, and when Lily made it clear to Donald that she knows how confident it makes him feel when he walks into a room with her while keeping his true identity under wraps.

Eli received a visit from Max about the current predicament, just as Simone started to question her husband and is beginning to question him.

Eli did a complete 360 on the situation and it should be sending red flags to Simone, but she is not seeing clearly. This writing is sloppy for me because any smart character would realize something is off here. It looks like Jason is going to be the key to everything people. He was up and moving around, as David, Sam’s muscle made it clear that he is under protection from his parents amongst other people. Jason seriously don’t try anything because if you do you might regret it; he spotted the knife that Jason took.

Hunter confronted Victoria about her lack of compassion for her flesh in blood. Kyle showed up to work asking for Sam, and Alonzo was spooked a bit about Kyle’s actions. Kyle you’re not the boss, even though you are clearly attempting to act like it. Alonzo made a call to Priscilla alerting her that Kyle is looking for Sam and that he’s being tracked. Jeez, Priscilla is smarter to Alonzo, who happens to be a secret service agent people. Sam wanted blood on Kyle for shooting him, and Sam was SMART to not disclose to the Vice President Eli that Jason is alive. Yes, we still have some people who are smart to keep their cards close to the vest. Richard spilled to Sam that Barry is missing.

Donald and Kyle had a weird interaction, as Kyle revealed that Sam I meeting with the VP, just as Kyle realized that Donald was injured. Kyle wanted blood, but he better not retaliate against Lily because he might be taken out by Bobby or Max. Donald made it clear that Kyle will follow his orders to locate Sam. However, the biggest bomb was revealed in the final moments as Hunter discovered that Victoria learned Jason had cancer, but the blood work proved that whoever was in that bed was not Jason. So Hunter has some vital Intel know people.  Next week looks good as Kyle and Donald are ready to strike, but I wonder what Victoria will say. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!