HOLLYWOOD—The drama continues to erupt on “The Oval” and it picked up where last week’s episode ended with Kareem in major danger. This week’s episode, ‘Wicked’ saw Kareem realize the mistake he made as he was in a battle for survival, and it was one that he lost. On the flipside, it was fun witnessing Kyle be tortured by Sam, who was NOT willing to budge on letting the corrupt CIA agent free.

Is Kyle really that stupid and willing to issue a threat against Sam? Simone on the other hand was worried about Eli who was busy indulging in a drink people. Eli really doesn’t have a backbone, his wife has the backbone and she came up with vital Intel: looking for Gayle. Yes, Gayle has been MIA all season so her return could change things. Simone is the MVP; as I said again why the hell has Tyler Perry kept this character hidden for so long?

Sam thought Priscilla was not playing games as she entered the bedroom with a pot of boiling water and ready to scold his a**. He was apologetic, but she was having none of it. Priscilla when she is angry is NOT someone to play around with. If you betray her, you will indeed pay the price people. During a moment of vulnerability, Priscilla broke down and Sam tried to hold her and they had a breakthrough people. Damn, for a second I thought a possible reconciliation was in the works.

Victoria continued to prove she has no heart and its wearing thin on me as a viewer. Even Hunter is fed up with his wife and her antics. Hunter admitted he planned to kill Eli and even Victoria was taken aback with that assertion. Richard, Nancy and Barry were woke up in the middle of the night by Sam who was knocking ferociously on the door. It was apparent that Sam needed Richard to allow him a place to crash and the couch it was people.

Barry is just becoming an annoying little petulant adult. Sam spilled some tea about Callie’s whereabouts and the situation at hand. Barry continued to yell, shout and scream and he noted her age makes her safe. Meaning that children of a certain age are sold off, which Barry finally connected the dots! Allan showed up to work and he managed to make sure to sneak that game through the metal detector to ensure he had his protection. Donald, Donald you need to realize you are NOT in charge at the moment and Kyle will NOT be found buddy. Looks like you ace in the hole is no longer under your control.

Hunter wanted to meet Kareem to puff his chest of the amount of power that he holds. Yeah, Victoria is right; Hunter is just a damn dummy people. Even Donald noted trying to make the Vice President’s plane crash is not a wise decision. Allan decided to go snooping in Donald’s office, just as Bobby and Max reconvened about the current predicament.

Sharon and Dale were worried about Kareem, who has been MIA and concerns were raised about him possibly going to the police. Yeah, you are both worried and you have great reasons to be. Just as Dale seemed to think a conspiracy plan was in play involving them all along. Hmm, never thought about that, but he might have a good hunch people. Ok, these final moments of this episode are boring me people. Get to some major drama already. So Hunter just had to come face-to-face with Kareem for what reason people? To gloat about his infatuation with Sharon!

So next week, Hunter issues threats, Donald learns Lilly wants him dead and Hunter makes a grand appearance to Sharon and Dale at the pharmacy. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!