HOLLYWOOD—The BET hit “The Oval” really became my guilty pleasure during its first season at a time where so many TV series were on hiatus and not airing new episodes because shooting had been placed on a shutdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With that said this Presidential drama about the hijinks taking place inside one of the most powerful places in the country returned this week to kick off its second season with a ton of surprises along the way.

We picked up where things ended on that climatic note, with the body of that White House staff member being discovered underneath a bed, who was murdered by Victoria and Hunter’s disturbed son Jason. Sam was facing major heat after his wife Priscilla caught him having sex with the First Lady. Wow, Priscilla has always been prim and proper and to see her snap off in this manner proves that when a woman is scorned, she will unleash wholly hell.

There is indeed a reason why this series is such a guilty pleasure. Oh, this is about to be good seeing the war between Victoria and Priscilla ignite. In the air, Jason and Gayle found out their grandmother Maude is not one to be toyed with. This character is such a hoot; she is wicked and evil without being so obvious about it. The marriage between Nancy and Richard is beyond on the rocks, especially after he learned that his wife betrayed him and had another child. Richard wanted Nancy out of his house, but she didn’t seem to get the message. He cancelled her cards, took all the funds out of the bank and it is apparent Richard can hold a grudge people and I mean a grudge.

Lilly found herself in hiding with Bobby, hoping to stay safe as parties around her want to silence her. Hunter was at war with Donald, just as Queen Victoria asked about the agents at Hunter’s mistresses’ store. Victoria dropped the bomb that Max survived Kyle’s bullet and it’s apparent that revenge will be on his mind people. It looks like Priscilla has friends in all sorts of places. The former Press Secretary, Diane revealed that she is scared for her life, but that premonition about something happening to her is clear evidence that the audience will NOT see this character on the canvas too much longer.

Ruth found herself dragged into the police station by Barry who wanted answers about the whereabouts of his daughter, Callie and it looks like his antics only got him in more trouble. It is apparent that Sharon was in a bad mood and was sure to push that energy onto Kareem. Who had the suspicion that Sharon might be pregnant! Hmm it seems that Sharon might actually think she is pregnant considering that she decided to take a pregnancy test people. Diane received a call from Bobby asking him to ensure the safety of Max before it’s too late.

Diane made her way into Max’s room and pleaded her case to ensure his safety, in hopes of bringing down those inside The White House who are up to know good. Maude pleaded with her grandson to acknowledge the bad things that he has done and he left unfinished. Yes, Jason, you left a body underneath the bed. Did you NOT think someone would find it you idiot! Gayle said it early that her brother was troubled, I think we now see that full circle people.  Jason issued threats about needing to go back to the White House, and as the rage built up inside him, he choked his grandmother after insults were thrown.

That was only before he admitted to committing murder people. You know what that tells me: Jason is responsible for murdering Hunter’s initial mistress, the one whose head was severed. Oh this season looks crazier than last season, so sign me up. New episodes of “The Oval” air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on BET.