HOLLYWOOD—Oh my, I didn’t think the revelation about Maya’s secret on “The Bold and Beautiful” would be revealed so soon, but the soap is learning a valuable lesson: its never good to drag out something. The model who has been busy canoodling with Rick, while Bill, Liam, Wyatt, Ridge and so many others grapple with the fact that Maya is transgender was riveting.

Bill was busy making plans to out Maya’s big secret even if it made his wife Katie unhappy. This could be the one thing that finally haunts Bill in a way he never imagined. This is a guy who has never paid for his crimes; I mean he nearly killed Ridge after dropping him from a plane.

He won’t be the only one feeling the wrath, as I’m certain Liam and Wyatt will find themselves in tricky spots as well. Katie unleashed wholly hell on her new hubby, but it became apparent he could care less about how she felt, perhaps once the heat begins to hit him, he’ll realize he made a crucial mistake.

While craziness was happening back in Los Angeles, nothing compared to what was going on with Rick and Maya in the cabin. The tortured soul decided it was finally time to reveal the truth to Rick and after giving him so many hints, she finally came out and said she was born a boy not a girl.

Ok, Rick has a temper, so I was eagerly waiting to see when it would emerge. He responded to Maya’s revelation in a way that fans may have never expected, but he allowed his dark side to emerge when he realized the humiliation that was making the waves on the internet. Once again, Jacob Young showcased his acting talents as his character was placed on an emotional rollercoaster. For those expecting Rick and Maya to be caput, surprise, it ain’t happening.

As the news about Rick and Maya made waves in the media, Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications were forced to deal with the fallout. Nicole soon discovers that she may have put her sister in more danger than she imagined in her quest to get what she wants. That chaos led to a fight between Maya and Rick, where Rick ends up crashing his vehicle. That was only the start of things, as Eric, Ridge and Brooke rallied around their loved one in his time of need.

One would suspect Maya to be furious with Nicole for revealing the truth, seems Nicole didn’t realize Maya’s secret would have far bigger an impact than she suspected. The soap is tackling a sensitive subject matter with such ease and poise; it’s amazing to watch things unfold on the small screen. It’s really an educational tool for Americans who don’t fully understand how transgender individuals navigate in a world where diversity isn’t always fully accepted.

While the truth about Maya has been unveiled there is still plenty of drama and surprises that are sure to unfold in the coming weeks. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.