UNITED STATES—Has the thought ever occurred to you that you’d like to be living a more active lifestyle? If so, you’re like millions of other working adults who often feel the nagging suspicion that a sedentary routine has slowly taken over their once busy way of living. What’s the solution? Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to say goodbye to the slow-paced way of doing things and add fun, exciting, healthful activities to your weekly routine.

Of course, step one is to meet with your doctor and get a complete checkup before making any significant changes. But, after that, the course of events is up to you. Once you get the medical green light, consider joining a gym, signing up for a sports team at work, adding at least one social event to your weekly calendar, and making a realistic budget to deal with associated costs of trainers, team fees, etc. Here’s a sensible way to get started.

Get a Medical Checkup First

All major life changes, including a new health regimen, begin with a visit to the physician’s office. Let your doctor know that you want to increase your activity level slowly and sensibly. Ask for suggestions. Many healthcare professionals will offer a few excellent ideas based on the fact that they know your particular medical history. Don’t give in to the urge to skip this step, or you’ll be putting yourself at risk of injury, illness, or worse.

Review the Potential Costs of Your New Lifestyle

Keep in mind that people take out personal loans for all sorts of reasons, including to cover the cost of new gym memberships, to pay fees for personal training sessions, to purchase in-home exercise equipment like treadmills, and more. Working with a private lender makes the most sense because you’ll get access to lenient terms, favorable interest rates, and can borrow the amount needed to pay for all the costs of your new active lifestyle.

Start Slowly

Trying to ramp up activity levels too quickly is a recipe for failure. Begin with a moderate schedule like twice-weekly walks and perhaps a few calisthenics sessions to build muscle mass. Of course, you’ll want to follow the guidelines you got from your doctor and be careful to add new activities every few weeks, and only as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

Choose Activities You Enjoy

One reason so many people stop exercising is boredom. Often, they try to take on workout programs that aren’t right for them or that don’t interest them. That’s why it’s imperative to choose activities you enjoy. Maybe you much prefer joining a volleyball team rather than taking solo jogs. Or, if a group aerobics class appeals to you more than working out alone on machines, opt for the class.

Think Social

There’s a definite social aspect to fitness, and it can work to your advantage. Perhaps that’s why so many successful workout enthusiasts choose team sports, group classes, and partner-based workouts. Being with others while getting fit makes the process fun and will encourage you to stick with your new lifestyle.