Have you ever thought about looking up the value of online gambling companies on the stock market? If you’re a private investor or working in finance, this article is for you. The world of online games is huge, and it’s not just made up of video games or free games like Pac Man or Tetris anymore. Online gambling games have become a massive industry.

Betting sites have been growing steadily for almost 20 years now and virtual casinos traded on the stock market through bookmakers have genuine potential.

Reference source: Online Casinos in Canada (OCP)

Online gambling is impacting local businesses

Unsurprisingly, online gambling is gaining more and more market share. However, it’s not only traditional bookmakers being affected by this, but land-casinos are also impacted by the reign of the digital era.

Who are the most active online operators on the market?

Overall, it’s mainly English online bookmakers that dominate the market. But they’re not the only ones in a sea of online betting platforms. In Canada, Sweden and Israel alone, private operators have managed to climb to unprecedented heights. We’ve listed some top-notch references of the biggest names in Gambling online, and they’re all listed on the stock market. Looking at the value of these “Web Giants” over the last 10 years, it’s clear why this kind of niche is becoming a favorite for risk-takers. The online gambling market is volatile, but it is generally profitable. On the other hand, you need to closely monitor your investment to leverage gains over short periods. There are no straight lines when it comes to stocks in gambling. Below, we’ve listed the most active companies on the stock market:

Playtech – PTEC – London Stock Exchange

The most popular casino game provider in England. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Playtech offers online casinos its expertise and a library of more than 500 games. Playtech games are mostly geared towards casino games. This group knows how to be inventive, and uses the most advanced technologies in terms of marketing and casino affiliate programs. In other words, virtual casinos affiliated with Playtech feature on open-minded casino guides with a high-tech spirit.

Playtech stock price this year.

NetEnt – NETB – Stockholm Stock Exchange

Like Playtech, NetEnt is a high-quality virtual casino provider. On Canadian online casino guides, NetEnt is often cited as a quality seal by testers. After arriving late in the gambling sector, the NetEnt group quickly placed itself securely in the virtual casino’s niche. In the face of competition from the big casino providers, NetEnt is a relatively solid investment as they’ve demonstrated capabilities to grow in a competitive market.

Ladbrokes – GP.22 – London Stock Exchange

Easily one of the benchmarks of online betting in the UK. Ladbrokes is also very present in Europe, online and offline. This group has solid foundations and is considered to be the most stable in the gambling sector. After consulting trader results on a 10-year history, we can conclude that buying shares in Ladbrokes are a conservative investment.


Kindred Group – KIND-SDB – Stockholm Stock Exchange

A gambling giant with active sports betting sites, online casinos and poker and bingo rooms. The trademark of Kindred Group is Unibet, one of the largest sports betting sites in the world. At the same time, the group also manages a dozen online casinos targeting local markets.


Stars Group – TSGI – Toronto Stock Exchange

The head of the largest poker site of all time (PokerStars). Stars Group is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and has the most media coverage of any gambling company on the internet. Stars Group has confidently positioned itself as one of the leading players in online gambling. However, Stars Group is very volatile, and over short periods their share price can easily double or suddenly fizzle away. Thus, buying shares Stars Group is mainly reserved for professionals who know how to wait for the right moment to succeed in the short term.


LeoVegas – LEO.ST – Nasdaq Stock Exchange

The most successful Swedish group over the last five years. Even if they struggled in the last 12 months, the LeoVegas group’s core remains healthy. Typically, this operator focuses primarily on large markets, such as smartphones. The spearhead of LeoVegas is its mobile casino with online slots. Due to their volatile nature, the market value of LeoVegas needs to be monitored closely.


General info and expert advice

In contrast to cautious and conservative investments, companies related to online gambling are quite volatile on their listings. On the other hand, the Gambling companies mentioned above have all produced high dividends over a 10-year history. Typically, if you’re looking for more than 5% dividends, you should monitor these companies stock options. The turbulent nature of these companies always makes it possible to do business at a good price when they’re at their peak. The risk of losing 10% to 50% over a short period is a reality with these stocks, but so is the chance to earn 10% to 50%. Typically, for investments over 3 years, or even 5 years, it’s worth it. Furthermore, the payment of dividends each year also makes it possible to earn cash along the way.