The Storylines Dominating the 2020 Golden Globes Buzz

The Golden Globes contenders this season come from a host of different genres, styles, and approaches to moviemaking, making this one of the most wide-open years we have seen in awhile. For those who love films, and especially those who like to speculate on potential winners, this is a thrilling time of year. So, which storylines, stars, and odds are dominating the headlines going into the 2020 Golden Globes?

  1. Best Motion Picture – Drama

Martin Scorsese may have scored headlines for scorning Marvel movies’ place in cinema today, but he’s poised to be an awards season hero himself with The Irishman. At -400 at present, it reunites him with stars like Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci for a classic mid-twentieth century America Scorsese-esque crime epic. It has been a year of exceptionally strong performances, and Scarlett Johannsen and Adam Driver in Marriage Story (+250) and Joaquin Phoenix in Joker (+1000) have also powered their films into Best Picture contention.

The Irishman is sure to earn extra buzz given its status as a film distributed by a “non-traditional” movie studio, but rather by Netflix.

  1. Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Unlike the Oscars, the Golden Globes separates Dramas and Musicals/Comedies, giving them each their own category and Best Picture award to win. This system allows the latter category to shine far more than at the Oscars, where statically-speaking, comedies and musicals trail far behind straightforward dramas, biopics, war epics, and similar films considered as Dramas by the Golden Globes.

It’s certainly a year for dark comedies, with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (the frontrunner at -400), Jojo Rabbit (+350), and Knives Out (+800) being the top three contenders. Tarantino’s film deals with the Mansons and the murder of Sharon Tate, Jojo Rabbit takes a satirical look at fascism through the eyes of a Jewish girl and Hitler Youth (with an “imaginary friend” in Hitler), and Knives Out is a classic whodunit murder mystery with a comedic edge.

Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock”-ing music and life story has Rocketman (+1400) rocketing up the musical side of the category. It remains to be seen how much the inevitable comparisons to last year’s LGBT mega rock star-inspired biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, will help, as it won, but for Best Drama.

  1. Best Actors and Actresses – Drama

Marriage Story is set to dominate the buzz in both the Best Actor and Actress category in Drama, with both Adam Driver (+350) and Scarlett Johannsen (+300) earning nods for their exceptional turns as a coast-hopping director/actress married couple on the brink. Even so, however, neither is the frontrunner in their respective category. Those honors would go to Joaquin Phoenix (-500) for what may be the performance of the year in Joker, and Renee Zellweger (-200) for her role as cinema legend and American icon Judy Garland in Judy.

  1. Best Director

The international flavor of the Golden Globes is on full display in this category. In addition to Scorsese (+125) and Tarantino (+650), Sam Mendes (+1700) is also receiving recognition for directing his British WWI epic 1917 to glory. The current frontrunner, however, is Bong Joon-ho for the South Korean black comedy Parasite, which follows the story of a poor family trying to trick their way into becoming a wealthy family’s employees. With a crime drama, war epic, and two black comedies all in the running, it is a varied field in terms of genre, the closest of all the races listed here.

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