UNITED STATES—This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. Lawmakers are actually pushing for the day after the Super Bowl to be made a national holiday. Stop, wait, what the hell am I missing? Lawmakers cannot be serious with this mess can they? No, America they are indeed serious about it, which just further makes me question the idiots we elect into office to represent us. You actually think a sporting event is in need of a federal holiday because people don’t know how to get enough sleep to go to work the next day?

Forget about lowering taxes, providing affordable healthcare, reducing crime, worrying about foreign affairs, we need to focus on making a non-holiday into a holiday and for what, because people are too lazy, too drunk or frankly too stupid to take the day after the Super Bowl off? No, absolutely not and I would never in a billion years co-sign such a thing. You need to work if you’re scheduled to work. If you know you’re attending a Super Bowl party or hosting the big shindig, then take the following day off as a precaution. I have heard this complaint for so many years and it is just ridiculous.

Yes, the Super Bowl is great. It’s the biggest sporting event of the year, in addition to being one of the biggest events for people to mingle with family and friends, but if we made this a federal holiday, then where does it stop. Should the day after Thanksgiving be one, how about the day after Christmas, I mean those are big days where people gather together, so why should the Super Bowl be any different? Why are we placing so much emphasis on this particular day like it was God given or something? The Super Bowl has not always existed for the past 58 years; there was no Super Bowl people and guess what people still went on with their lives as if nothing happened.

The fact that so many people think the day after the Super Bowl should be a federal holiday says a lot about our country and our priorities. You do have to ask that inquisitive question regarding all the people who don’t watch the Super Bowl, because we have this notion that everyone indulges in the big game, but you’d be surprised there are a lot of people in America who can care less about the Super Bowl. They don’t watch it, they don’t participate in it, they don’t care about it, so what about them lawmakers?

The people we elect into office should be spending their time focused on things that are actually critical to our economy and the American public. The fact that we’re even having this discussion and you have people in favor of it is blindly sad. This is a conversation that will continue to linger for years to come; that’s energy that can be better used on other things, but go figure.

Written By Jason Jones