UNITED STATES—First Lady Melania Trump was the recipient of criticism over the dress she chose to wear to the President’s Donald Trump’s speech at the Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration in Keystone, South Dakota on July 4.

Numerous Tweets indicated President Trump designed the First Lady’s dress with a Sharpie.

“Donald Trump got bored and drew all over Melania’s white dress with a Sharpie on Air Force One,” one commenter tweeted.

“Apparently Donald Trump tried to draw a hurricane path on Melania’s dress,” Shauna @goldengateblond tweeted.

“The dress design is based on the drawings of sexual abuse survivors. Some people don’t care, they’re just in it for the snark, amirite?, tweeted @TerryBrinton and @projectlincoln.”

Alexander McQueen Original, Lady’s Dancing

A column by papermag.com suggests designer Alexander McQueen brought “student’s drawings to life.”

The dress was not scribblings of President Trump or from those of child victims of sexual assault. Commenters pointed out that these views had nothing to do with the dress itself, but with Trump haters going to social media to attack FLOTUS.

The dress is from Alexander McQueen which notes on the designer’s website is actually sleeveless ivory linen, round-neck dress with an asymmetric draped skirt, featuring a “Dancing Girls” print that sells for $3840.