HOLLYWOOD—“General Hospital” is one of those soaps that just knows how to make the audience tune in day after day to discover what will happen next. In the past week, the level of villainy on the show has reached epic proportions and I’m certain more surprises will explode in the coming weeks.

A few months ago we learned that the queen of evil, Helena Cassadine was brought back to life by Robin Scorpio. While Robin’s BFF Jason was able to escape, Helena took the smartest doctor ever in Port Charles and has been holding her captive. Just where, no one knows.  Little did we know Helena may have been the mastermind behind the Fluke scandal that has had viewers and the residents of Port Charles baffled for nearly a year attempting to uncover precisely what was going on with Luke Spencer.

Last week Luke was finally released from the psych ward where he had been help captive for months. So what did Luke do upon his big release? He headed straight to the Quartermaine mansion and blew everyone away, but was it the real Luke? I was a bit skeptical at first, and my theory proved true; he’s been convincing as hell as the Luke everyone in PC knows.

We learned this week the face behind the doppelganger Luke was none other than Cesar Faison, and their other plant convinced everyone of his true identity! So just who is this person wandering around town as Luke? Take your guesses.

When Dante, Julian and Anna unmasked the imposter, they were left speechless to discover the truth. So with Faison in police custody again, I’m dying to know what secret or secrets he’s been keeping from the woman he has tortured for nearly 2 decades. It must be a whopper.

Anna never expected Faison to escape his prison. So this begs and even larger question, just who released Faison. We know Helena was very much dead until a few weeks ago, which means either Victor or some other baddie unleashed a wicked evil on the PC community.  Its apparent Helena is working with Cesar, but just what those two have planned is still up in the air. I’d say it’s safe to acknowledge that Jason aka Jake might be at the root of their madness.

Dr. Obrecht might finally lose her wicked grip on her daughter Britt, who finally decided to confess to Nikolas that she was behind Spencer’s kidnapping over the summer. I can only imagine the rage the prince will unleash this time around. Could this finally be the end of Nikolas and Britt? I’d say it’s safe to argue, considering the actress who portrays Britt, Kelly Theibaud has been bumped to recurring status. Yeah, that’s never a good sign on any soap.

We haven’t even mentioned Franco and Nina who are still fugitives on the run with Ava’s daughter. At first Franco seemed to have a heart, but now it appears he and Nina are planning to run away with the baby in tow.  Will this devious duo be caught before it’s too late? And lastly a woman full of surprises is Nina’s mother Madeleine, who seems to know a lot more about what is transpiring behind the scenes in Port Charles.

Shall I dare say she has a connection to Helena Cassadine? It would not surprise me if she did indeed, oh and she knows who James real father is? I’m guessing its Faison, but if not the revelation will be a surprise for audiences.

With so many villains emerging from the shadows, I can only imagine who might show up next to wreak havoc on the residents of Port Charles. “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. PST on ABC.